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After my deep study and research in the field of Astrology for last 50 years, I have fixed certain industries or companies lucky for certain Signs. All the Signs have special positive tuning with certain industries and this way these companies are proved to be lucky for certain Signs permanently.

Since the companies are lucky, obviously the shares of these companies remains most lucky to purchase for those who are born under these Signs. They will never lose if they purchase on long-term basis.

For Intra day trading the time frame of the Investors will always work but however they will not be in loss. Of course a market study of the company is required by the Investor before any purchase as all the companies under one industry may not flourish at the same time, you understand.

  1. Rohan Bhakat says

    Please aapkaa Numerology 1 to 9 respectively description Please yaahaa dijiye. Awr Google website mae daal dijiye taaki mae offline view,save awr kabhi bhi print kar saku.

  2. Sai says

    Can you please tell me about the stocks to buy for vrischika and mithuna lagna? Thanks in advance.

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