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After my deep study and research in the field of Astrology for last 50 years, I have fixed certain industries or companies lucky for certain Signs. All the Signs have special positive tuning with certain industries and this way these companies are proved to be lucky for certain Signs permanently.

Since the companies are lucky, obviously the shares of these companies remains most lucky to purchase for those who are born under these Signs. They will never lose if they purchase on long-term basis.

For Intra day trading the time frame of the Investors will always work but however they will not be in loss. Of course a market study of the company is required by the Investor before any purchase as all the companies under one industry may not flourish at the same time, you understand.

Share Market Success in Astrology

Now we come to Astrology. If you know your birth chart , fine. See what Lagna you are born in. If you do not know Lagna then see your Moon Sign.

Always remember that Share purchase is nothing but your own partnership in the company. How is the house of partnership in your chart, whether your 5th house in the chart is connected with 2nd or 11th house will also be counted for success in the Share market.

If your Mars and Venus are very strong, you will be successful in Intra day trading or speculation. If your Saturn is very strong, you will be the king in this field and will earn on long-term bases.

Strong Saturn creates masters in the chart reading. They can smell the Ups and Downs in Share market well in advance.

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Lucky Companies for each Sign

Now I am listing the Industries or Companies whose Shares will be most lucky to purchase.

  1. Aries (Mesha): Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemicals, Power projects, Textiles, Beverages, Cement, Steel, Automobiles and Shipping
  2. Tauras (Vrishabha): Food Industries, Hotels, Dairies and Ice cream, Films and Television Industries, Cement, Steel, Leather, Housing Companies, Infrastructures, Natural Gas and Oil Refineries
  3. Gemini (Mithuna): Communications, Information Technology, Mobiles, Computers, Banking, Publications, Print and Electronic Media, Cement and Steel.
  1. Cancer (Karka): Automobiles, Motors, Water and Irrigation, Shipping, Travels, Airways, Textiles, Export-Imports Beverages, Glass Industry, Housing Companies, Refineries, Petrol and Natural Gas
  2. Leo (Simha): Print and Electronic Media, Paper and Printing Industries, Films and Television Industries, Pharmaceuticals, Agro Industries, Power projects
  3. Virgo (Kanya): Banking and Insurance Sector, Health and Nutrition products, Pharmacies, Communications, Information Technology, Computers, Toiletories Confectionary, Toys
  4. Libra (Tula): Steel, Cement, Food and Beverages, Hotels, Dairies, Films and Televisions, Ice-cream, Leather, Infrastructures, Edible Oil, Agro Industries, Cosmetics, Perfumes, Ceramics, Malls and Retail channels, Entertainments, Music and Cassette Industries
  5. Scorpio (Vrishchika): Shipping, Mines, Exports-Imports, Automobile Sector, Motors, Water and Irrigation Industries, Textiles, Pharmaceuticals, Glass Industries, Refineries, Insurance Sector
  6. Saggitarius (Dhanu): Banking Sector, Finance Sector, Export and Imports, Printing Materials, Publications, Paper industries, Confectionary, Dairies and all Industries connected with educational activities and students
  7. Capricorn (Makara): Steel, Cement, Leather, Coal, Infrastructure, Engineering Industries, Housing Sector, Hotels, Oil and Natural Gas, Petroleum Refineries, Health and Nutrition, Pharmacies
  8. Aquarius (Kumbha): Power Projects, Research Industries, Steel, Cement, Leather, Food Industries, Entertainment, Music and Cassette Industries, Infrastructure, Insurance Sector, Banking and Finance Sector, Hotels
  9. Pisces (Meena): Banking and Finance Sector, Insurance, Print and Electronic Media, Dairies and Ice Cream, Paper Industries, Health and Nutrition, pharmacies, Shipping, Exports and Imports

How to take Maximum benefits?

Choose the company whose name is lucky for you means in good tuning with your own Sign. 10th and 11th sign from your Moon Sign or Ascendant will be most lucky for Purchase and long-term investments.

Suppose your Ascendant or Moon Sign is Capricorn and you want to buy some Shares for long term investments, which Shares you will prefer? Obviously the company whose name comes in Libra or Scorpio sign.

Now according to the list given above, you can purchase most lucky scripts for long term Investments.

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