Who will help you?

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A man is a social creature. Nobody in this world is fully independent and live without some company or society. A child is dependent upon his mom. Husband and wife are dependent upon each other in various aspects.

Past Karmik Relationship

The important thing is all the days are not equal in the journey of life. A self dependent may also need the support of somebody at some time frame of life. The whole world is connected with each other with past Life karmik relationship. Some come as friends and some as enimies in the journey of Life.

If you are in need of some financial help or moral support, only those people will help you who has past life karmik relation with you.

How to know that who will help and who will deny ?

Yes, your own chart reveals the answer. Lagna is you yourself so Lagna Sign is the main house. Also Moon is your day to day life and dealing with the people so Moon Sign is also very important. These two are main Signs to get help from others.

How to see ? Jupiter is the natural ruler of 2nd ( family, finance ) and 11th ( friends relationship, support and benefits ) houses. So check the Sign in your chart where Jupiter is seated. Yes, this is the support Sign. How to use it ?

Support Sign

Suppose your Jupiter is in Aries then most of those people who have Aries Lagna or Aries Moon Sign will help you or support you. If your Jupiter is in Sagittarius then Sagittarius Lagna or Sagittarius Moon Sign will help you.

Same way people with Jupiter in your Lagna Sign Moon Sign or 2nd or 11th from your Lagna Sign will sure help. For examples. Your Lagna or Moon Sign is Taurus then those who have Jupiter in Taurus or Gemini (2nd from Taurus ) and Pisces (11th from Taurus ) will support U and relax you.

Support Houses

Also your 11th house,10th house and somewhat 9th house from Lagna are always your supporting houses. So those friends or colleagues who have these three Signs in their Lagna will help you whatever possible. For example if you have Capricorn Lagna then most of the Scorpio Lagna, Libra Lagna and Virgo Lagna friends or relatives will always support you or guide you.

The same way 11th Sign and 7th Sign from your Moon Sign will always support you subject to this Sign should not fall in 6 8 or 12th from your Lagna.

Moon Sign and Relationship

So if your Moon is in Aries then Aquarius Moon or Libra Moon people will always help you.

See in which sign your Lagna lord is seated. That sign or Lagna has your past life karmic relationship so the people of that Lagna or sign will sure help you. For example if your Lagna lord is in Leo then Leo Lagna or Leo sign people will listen to you and will support you !!

Impact of Rahu

Lastly we will come to Rahu. Rahu has strong karmik bonding so the Sign where your Rahu is placed at your birth time will always help you or worry for you. For example If your Rahu is in Gemini then those who have Moon in Gemini will always care for you and support to you subject to this Sign should not be in 6 8 or 12th from Lagna.

The same way you have to pay or sacrifice for the people whose Lagna Sign is 3rd or 4th from your Lagna Sign, 3rd and 4th Sign from your Moon Sign and also the sign where Ketu is seated.

For example if you have Scorpio Lagna then you have to take care me, or you have to pay to, or you shall have to sacrifice for Capricorn and Aquarius Lagna as these people have the karmik relation of past births and you have to clear off your previous birth debt.

Same way suppose your Moon Sign is Aries then you have to give to Gemini and Cancer This is also a past karma debt and that you have to clear off in this birth.

If your Ketu is in Libra then you shall have to sacrifice for Libra sign or Libra Lagna people.

Lucky Lagna

Also while deciding the most lucky Lagna, we have to see that if Jupiter or Rahu is in the 9 10 or 11th from your Lagna then that Sign will be the most lucky Sign for you.

These principles are equally important to select the name of business firm or the area or City to select for business and residence.

For example if your Lagna or Moon Sign is Cancer then letters starting from B V U will be lucky for you to select the name of your Company, business firm, City, area, apartments and Girl friend or Boy friend. In all walks of life above principles will help you a lot.

The whole world is inter connected and all the persons coming in our contacts in the walk of our life to give us or to take away from us have a karmik force behind it. ( स्वकर्म सूत्रेण ग्रथितो हि लोकः ).

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