Your Monthly Horoscope December 2019 Capricorn Sign

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Mental and Physical Health:

The coming month does not augur too well for your health. But we mention the trouble-spots and the necessary course of action, which if adhered to, would reduce the impact of unfavorable circumstances to a large extent. The first precaution is to strictly refrain from over-exertion.

This could be done by chalking out a work schedule that allows you full normal activity, without at the same time causing undue strain. Not a very difficult step and one which would cut out most of the possible harm. You might also tend to be somewhat prone to nervousness this month.Appropriate medication, in conjunction with some yogic exercises, or even a morning walk could help you tide over the worst effect of this trouble.

Wealth and Finance:

There is nothing very encouraging about your financial prospects during the coming month.In fact, the month could well see you working quite hard and struggling to achieve your planned objectives. In this you may not achieve much success, despite your best efforts, owing to a set of unfavorable circumstances.

Travel is also indicated, but this, too, may turn out to be a pointless exercise, and bear no fruit. Further, there is the likelihood of some of you being influenced by a mean streak, that would goad you into being severe with subordinates, or even people below you in the social strata. This would be met by stiff resistance from these people and greatly compound your woes. Curb such tendencies. The climate would also not be congenial for investment or new ventures.

Career and Profession:

The stars are not in an obliging mood, and as such the prospects for your career are none too bright. There could be a lot of travel, all of which could well prove to be useless in terms of rewards. Further, there is every possibility that despite reasonable working conditions and a light work-load, you may not be able to realize anticipated goals.

There is also a distinct possibility that some of you would, as a result of failure in normal activity, turn to criminal skull doggery. Should you allow this to happen, the consequences would be catastrophic. Firmly resolve to refrain from such activity.

Spouse and Family:

The augury from the stars is not particularly favorable for your family welfare, since dame fortune is not in a benevolent mood. The family atmosphere is likely to be vitiated by strife and discord. In fact, some of you could have serious differences with your brothers, leading to an extremely unpleasant situation. You should therefore, steer a course away from the trouble spots, and refused to get provoked into any kind of confrontation.

This would call for patience and cool-headed responses, for which you should prepare yourself well in advance. Financially, also, you all may go through a bad spell during the coming month. It would, therefore, be wise to plan your expenses with foresight, and not be caught on the wrong foot with a lot of sudden expenses.

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