2019 Rasi Palan Mithuna Rasi | Yearly Horoscope 2019 Gemini Sign

Yearly Horoscope 2019 : Moon sign based yearly horoscope predictions 2019 -Gemini Sign ( Mithuna Rasi)

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Yearly horoscope of Gemini for the year of 2019

Like late last year, you’re in a period of financial reorganisation and retrenchment. There is a need to manage what you have in a better way. A need to get financially healthier and more rational. A need to be neither a big spender nor a little spender but a proportional and balanced spender. This is a case of ‘be careful of what you ask, as you’re likely to get it’.

Finances might be tight during first half of the next year but you will be rewarded for your discipline during second half of the year which will be bringing prosperity and the good life. The main challenge in the year ahead is balancing the home, the love life and the career. Everyone has this challenge to some degree but yours is very dramatic.

Wealth Horoscope 2019 Gemini Sign

As mentioned earlier, you are going to have to get your financial life in order. There may be something unpleasantness of belt-tightening, budgeting, getting control over spending, financial reorganisation and the like has a positive outcome, which you will see later on. Debt seems like a problem during this year. This will be especially burdensome to those who have borrowed frivolously or for trivial reasons. It’s time to pay the piper and learn from past mistakes. Paying off debt will also build character. Jupiter transit 2018 – Gemini sign

The burden you feel will remind you not to repeat past behaviour and yet, for others who have borrowed purposefully and wisely, debt will not be problem, in fact it could actually enhance earnings. These latter people will have more opportunities to borrow and to make money with other people’s money. Professional investors should look at blue chip companies and property for profit opportunities. Bonds and the bond market should also be explored. Those with good ideas and a solid business plan, and I mean solid, realistic, should have no problem attracting outside investors. Business plans will be subjected to very thorough scrutiny. Saturn Transit 2017 – 2020 for Gemini

Career Horoscope 2019 Gemini Sign

Money can come from inheritances and estates, though no one need actually die for this to come about. Sometimes if one is named in a will or a trust fund is set up. Sometimes one is named an executor of a will and earns in that way. There are many possible scenarios. You work harder but you make your own hours and have more overall freedom. Teaching offers are coming perhaps in foreign lands. Media opportunities are also happening. You are forsaking the security of a one-company career or even a one-occupation career for the unknown. You launch out into the deep waters of faith. There’s someone out there who wants your services. There’s someone out there who needs your personal creativity and originality. You can have a successful career without being tied down.

Health Horoscope 2019 Gemini Sign

Health is more delicate this year, You need to watch your overall energy try to rest more when you feel tired. You should use your energy to greatest effect and not waste it on trivia or frivolities. It is nice to have many interests. It makes life exciting but you should choose the most important ones and focus on those. Rahu Ketu Transit 2019 for Gemini Sign

Your career is unusually active this year and overwork is a health danger. Delegate responsibility where possible and organise your time more effectively. Remember, if you are below par physically or mentally tired, work is likely to be below par as well. Take a break! Rest, stretch and yawn. Then come back and do your work. For many years now there has been a strong connection between love and health. For you, health is much more than the absence of disease. It means having a healthy love life and healthy relationships as well. One area can impact on the others. If love is stressful, health tends to suffer.

Friends and Family Horoscope 2019 Gemini Sign

Family life seems happy and fulfilling. Luxury items are coming for the home. You may move into larger homes or purchasing new properties. There is good fortune in property. There is wonderful family support for you now both financially and emotionally. The family circle is expanding through births, marriages or through meeting people who are like family to you but marriages in the family seem most likely. Subha Muhurat Vehicle Purchase Dates 2019

Many of you have begun or will begin live-in love relationships. The home is not only being enlarged but also beautified. Objects of beauty are coming to you. This is a year for more family gatherings, more socialising with the family and for mending relationships with family members. Multiple moves could happen this year. This could come as a result of career changes and sudden new assignments. Subha Muhurat Property Purchase Dates 2019

Children could move into larger quarters during second half of this year. In general, relations with them seem good. They are prospering. Your lover or spouse seems to get on well with your family. Your spouse is more family conscious these days, too. The health of parents seems reasonable, though one of them should pay more attention to his or her spine, knees and teeth. Health of children improves after September 25th, 2019. They are helped by paying more attention to their feet and by wearing shoes that fit comfortably.

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