Saturn direct motion 2023 effects

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Saturn retrograde motion is ending in 4th Nov 2023 and Starting the direct motion. Saturn affects laborers, workers, social servants, and the general public. Saturn will go into direct motion starting today. As a result, for those individuals with Saturn retrograde in their birth charts, the difficulties they faced in their career, employment, and family … Read more

Rahu Ketu Transit 2023

Yoga by Rahu and Ketu - Kalsarp and Eclipse Yoga - Rahu Ketu 2023 Transit effects for all zodiac sign

Rahu-Ketu Transit in 2023: The Rahu-Ketu transit happens every 18 months and represents a shift in cosmic forces that can effect individuals and the globe as a whole. Rahu and Ketu will transit from Aries to Libra and Libra to Aries in 2023, respectively. Mesha Rasi Rahu Ketu transit 2023 12th place Rahu 6th place … Read more

2023 Jupiter transit benefits

Detailed Jupiter transit predictions 2023 to 2024 for all zodiac sign.

In this post, we will see Which Zodiac sign benefits from Jupiter transit 2023? On April 22nd, Jupiter moves out of Pisces and moves into Mars’ sign, Aries. And he will remain in this sign till May 1, 2024.After transit into Aries, Jupiter will move into Vakra state on September 4th. After that, on December … Read more

Name astrology for acting career – Nemology

Who will become successful actor based on their name and letters. Nemology and Name astrology.

This is a research article and perhaps the first such article on name astrology. Sun and Moon are connected with Yash Mann prestige and fame. These two planets have the most magnetism that make their influence on people and draw towards themselves. Leo zodiac and Sun have a direct relationship with acting. Similarly, the moon … Read more


astrology - share market trade

After my deep study and research in the field of Astrology for last 50 years, I have fixed certain industries or companies lucky for certain Signs. All the Signs have special positive tuning with certain industries and this way these companies are proved to be lucky for certain Signs permanently. Since the companies are lucky, … Read more

कुंडली मे मेडिकल लाइन कैसे देखें ? How to predict medical line in horoscope?

Medical Line Astrology Prediction

(आज हम मेडिकल लाइन के बारे में चर्चा करेंगें । 10 वीं परीक्षा के बाद छात्र के पास 2 विकल्प होते हैं । विज्ञान की लाइन चुने की आर्ट्स/कॉमर्स को चुुने ? यदि विज्ञान चुनते है तो 2 ऑप्शन आते है। या तो A ग्रुप में जाये या B ग्रुप का चुनाव करे । और … Read more

What is GajaKesari yoga ?

GajaKesari yoga Key Elements of Gajakesari Yoga Explained. Factors Influencing Gajakesari Yoga's Effects. Gajakesari Yoga's Impact on Wealth and Wisdom. Gajakesari Yoga and its Spiritual Influence.

Today we will discuss about most famous GajaKesari yoga. What is GajaKesari yoga ? Why it is so much praised and famous ? The real GajaKesari yoga occurs only when following conditions are fulfilled. Moon must be strong in Main and Navamsha chart too and not in debilitated Navamsha. Moon should not be in Kemadruma … Read more

Understanding Kemdrum Yoga

Definition Kemdrum Yoga

Today we will discuss about very famous KEMDRUM YOGA. Much has been written about this yoga in Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra, Brihat Jatak, Saravali and Phaldeepika like classical literature. Let us understand what is this Kemdruma yoga. When there is no planet with Moon or in 2nd or 12th house from Moon, this yoga is … Read more