27 Nakshatras – General Characteristics and Predictions

Twenty seven Constellations (Star) Meaning and their General Characteristics in Vedic Astrology.

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The Zodiac is equally divided into 12 houses of 30 degrees each. Each house further divided into 27 constellations of 13.20 degree each. These Nakshatra further subdivided into four quarters each called Pada.

Janma Nakshatre:

At the time of birth, the moon which is passing through a particular Nakshatra is called Jenma Nakshatra.

Below are the some of the characteristics of the person born under various Nakshatras. However, these get change based on the other planetary combination in the birth chart.

1. Characteristics of Ashwini Nakshatra

As you were born in this nakshatra, you will be intelligent, charming, lovable, wealthy and well-brought up. Along with such good traits, you behave respectfully; love to speak up the truth and keep yourself happy, no matter your situation. You will have great expertise in your line of work. You will maintain a cordial relationship with everyone around you: your friends, relatives, and neighbors. You love to dress up and love jewelry. Though you are rather on the heavier side, you will have a delicate liver condition. You will be fortunate in your endeavors after the age of 20.

2. Characteristics of Bharani Nakshatra

There is a saying in Tamil:”Bharani born will rule the world”. Such is the magnificence of this nakshatra.  Born under the Bharani nakshatra, you will have grand ambitions. You might be the victim of gossip and your name might be maligned by the society. You will spend your time over ambitious but impractical schemes, and you will not be sincere with your real-time work. You will show interest in strange, unusual and even radical activities.

3. Characteristics of Karthigai Nakshatra

Born under the Karthigai nakshatra, you will have good looks and a pleasant personality. You will take great interest in your food and spices. You will be popular in your society. You will sincerely complete any job given to you. On the downside, you are miserly and have poor money management skills. You are somewhat untrustworthy; therefore your relationships with your family and friends will suffer. You do not hesitate to earn through nefarious means, but those earnings do not last for you. Hence you will be tensed and worried most of the time.

4. Characteristics of Rohini Nakshatra

As you were born under the Rohini nakshatra, you will have some job related to your religion. You will make most of your money in agriculture or land related work. You will have an attractive physique; you are intelligent, ingenious and love solving puzzles.

5. Characteristics of Mrigasheersham Nakshatra

Born under the Mrigashiriksha nakshatra, you will be highly proficient in warfare. You will win through your war related strategies. You are respectful towards everyone and come across as a cultured person. You will be respected by people in high government posts. You are emotional. You can easily identify the smart ones from the fluff. You will always select the right path.

6. Characteristics of Thiruvaathirai Nakshatra

Born under the Thiruvadhira nakshatra, you will be highly intelligent. Though you might come across as sadistic and unreliable, you will earn a good name as a brave individual in the future. You will sometimes be ungrateful, dishonest and quick to anger. You might not have had a plentiful childhood, but you will earn well in your later years. You spend your money lavishly. You do not panic or worry when troubling situations hit you. Your health will not be stable. You will see success in your life after the age of 25.

7. Characteristics of Punarpoosam Nakshatra

Being a Punarpoosa nakshatra-born, you will be soft-hearted and gentle-natured. You will be patient, good-hearted and gain the love and affection of those around you. You will be well-received in the society. You are generous in your thoughts. Your children will bring happiness and prosperity in your life. Expensive gemstones will lure you. You will have ancestral wealth. You will broaden your thoughts through extensive traveling. You will gain success after the age of 24.

8. Characteristics of Poosam Nakshatra

Born under the Poosam nakshatra, you will have control over your desires. Most people become your well-wishers and friends. You will be religious, broad-minded and helpful. You will be well-educated, brilliant and spiritual; you have staunch faith in the truth. You will have a good physique; luck will favor you.  You will be wealthy and have a good life. Generally, your life will take an upturn after the age of 35.

9. Characteristics of Aayilyam Nakshatra

You are gifted with good luck and wealth; hence you will bring good luck to your family. But, you will be extravagant with your money. Some of your thoughtless actions will bring misery to your family. You drift around aimlessly; as a result, you are easily attracted towards all things evil. You are selfish, ungrateful and uncaring towards others. You will have a bad relationship with your dear ones. You will spend your talent and time in worthless, nefarious endeavors. You even resort to skulduggery. You will take great interest in eating and drinking, resulting in a delicate liver. You will have a large family. You will face success in your life after the age of 33.

10. Characteristics of Makam Nakshatra

An ancient Tamil saying goes: “The Magham-born are conquerors of the earth itself”. Being born under this nakshatra, you will be born to wealthy, intelligent, helpful and sympathetic towards the less fortunate. You will be prosperous in business and will live a comfortable life. You will employ several people under you. You will take part in religious activities. You will have a smooth rapport with your wife. You will be respectful and take care of your parents. You come across as a stern person. Your thoughts and actions will be clear and well thought out. Your liver will be delicate. You will rise up in life after the age of 25.

11. Characteristics of Pooram Nakshatra

Born under this nakshatra, you will be soft-spoken, pious, courageous and broad-minded. You will win over your enemies with your intelligence and clever tactics. Your emotions and sensual desires run high. You will be vain; your monetary situations may not be satisfactory. Between the age of 33 and 38, you will face most success in your life.

12. Characteristics of Uthiram Nakshatra

Born under the Uthiram nakshatra, you will be calm, mild-mannered, sympathetic and well-behaved. You will be loved by all. You will rise up in your life through your hard work and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You might gain weight later in your life. The ages between 28 and 31 will prove lucky for you.

13. Characteristics of Hastham Nakshatra

Born under the Hastham nakshatra, you will be wise and liberal. You will be prosperous and be admired by everyone. You will have great faith in saints. You will rise up in life between the ages of 30 and 32.

14. Characteristics of Chithirai Nakshatra

Born under this star, you will love colourful clothes and flowers. You will be knowledgeable about war tactics and strategies. You will be well endowed with an intelligent mind, education and wealth. You have staunch faith in Truth. Your wife and children bring happiness to you. You will lead a prosperous life. You are hard-working, materialistic and daring. You will be talented in the fields of construction, medicine and astrology. You will be religious and spiritual. Though you earn well, your hands will run through them fast. You will be mostly on the heavier side. Between the ages of 30 and 35 you will be lucky.

15. Characteristics of Swaathi Nakshatra

Born under the Swathi Nakshatra, you will be good-looking with a happy-go-lucky disposition. You will be interested in your religion and donate generously towards religious and social works. You can control your emotions well, but cannot control your sensual desires. You will be skilful in business. You will maintain a cordial bond with your near and dear ones. You will rise up in your life between the ages of 30 and 35.

16. Characteristics of Visaakam Nakshatra

Born under the Vishakam nakshatra, you will be religious and spiritually inclined. But thoughts of jealousy and unfriendly attitude deter your actions. Your health will either be very good or very bad. At the ages of 21, 28 and 34, you will accomplish much in your life.

17. Characteristics of Anusham Nakshatra

Born under the Anusham star, you will be well-off and will live mostly in far-away lands. You cannot control your hunger. You love to travel. You will be well-educated and talented in the art of earning money. You will help your friends and relatives. Luck starts to favour you only after the age of 39.

18. Characteristics of Kettai Nakshatra

Born under the Kettai nakshatra, you will be soft-hearted and behave friendly with everyone. Due to that, you will be favoured by all. Though you have the gift of ruling anything, you will desist from being a despot. You are hospitable and gentle in your speech; hence there will always be a crowd around you. All these factors will make you the ruler of any given place or situation. But the degree of your success depends on the position of the planet Mercury (Budhan). If the planet Mercury is not in retrograde, not positioned in antagonistic Houses, not in conjunction with hostile planets, not in conjunction with the Ruler of the 6 or 8 Houses and is present in a favourable conjunction with friendly planets, you will surely reach the pinnacle of success.

19. Characteristics of Moolam Nakshatra

Born under this star, you will be born to a wealthy family and have a sunny disposition. You have no desire to hurt anyone. You have strong principles and a broad-minded approach. People near and dear will love you and respect you. You will live a luxurious life with a calm, unperturbed manner. Unknowingly, you might cause some harm to your father or brothers. Your liver will give you trouble. Fortune will smile on you in your 27 and 31years of age.

20. Characteristics of Pooraadam Nakshatra

Born under the Poorada star, you will be very intelligent, vain and helpful. You tend to stick up for your friends. You will get a wife of your dreams. You are highly principled. Your children and friends will bring you happiness. You will face the proverbial lucky turn at the age of 28.

21. Characteristics of Uthiraadam Nakshatra

Born under the Uthirada star, you will be dutiful, sincere, possess good qualities and have a friendly attitude. You are a grateful person and take pain to help others who helped you in earlier circumstances. You are very clever and have many ingenious strategies and ideas that will help you succeed in any given situation. You have friends in higher up positions and wealthy individuals. Your bosses will respect you. You are very interested in music and dance. Generally, you will see your life changing for the better after the age of 31.

22. Characteristics of Thiruvonam Nakshatra

Born under this star, you will be prosperous, well-educated and highly intelligent. You will be very interested in the fields of mathematics, astrology and music. You possess a very strong and powerful intuition. You will beget an attractive and generous spouse. You can see lucky changes in your life at the ages of 9 and 24.

23. Characteristics of Avittam Nakshatra

Born under the Avitta star, you will be musically inclined. You possess a generous mind, good wealth and a brave attitude. Others will respect you. Your spouse will love you very much. You are courageous and shower your love and help to your brothers and family. You can see luck shining your way during the ages of 15, 23 and 29.

24. Characteristics of Sadayam Nakshatra

Born under this Sadhayam Nakshatra, you care about the welfare of others and help people overcome their strenuous circumstances. You will be wealthy, generous, independent, intelligent and clever. You will win over your enemies. You will be respected by many. You will be in a position of power and influence. You have open heart and direct speech, and you are a lover of Truth. You will face obstacles and hardships in your life. Your fortunes will take an upswing at the age of 22.

25. Characteristics of Poorattathi Nakshatra

Born under the Pooratadhi nakshatra, you will succeed in earning riches and wealth. You are talkative, knowledgeable and well-educated. You have a harmonious relationship with your friends. Your speech will be clear and direct. You are easily attracted to the opposite sex. Your spouse will be from a prosperous family. Children are a source of joy to you. You possess a healthy physique.  Your lucky period in life starts during the ages of 19 and 21.

26. Characteristics of Uthirattathi Nakshatra

Born under the Uthirattadhi star, you are a good public speaker, intelligent, cheerful and possess good qualities. You easily win over your enemies using your cleverness. You have a generous mind and live an affluent life. You will have a strong and alluring figure. You will have many children and grandchildren. You will see good fortune smiling on you during the years of 27 and 31.

27. Characteristics of Revati Nakshatra

Born under the Revathi star, you will be confident, charming, wealthy and intelligent. You will earn money only through the right ways. You will respect your elders and follow their wishes. Your life will enter a lucky phase during your 17, 21 and 24 years.


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