2019 Yearly Horoscope Leo Sign | 2019 Rasi Palan Simha Rasi

Yearly Horoscope 2019 : Moon sign based yearly horoscope predictions 2019 -Leo Sign ( Simha Rasi)

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Yearly horoscope of Leo for the year of 2019

There needs to be a scientific and practical slant on these things. Spiritual phenomena must be made tangible and useful in your everyday life. This trend is continuing this year. This year is going to like a breeze in comparison then few previous years. This year your health and overall vitality are good. Last year was a strong financial year and this trend continues for most of the year ahead. This is a year of prosperity.

Wealth & Career Horoscope 2019 Leo Sign

Your 2nd House would be an important House during next year. There is great interest in this area of life and this of itself leads to prosperity but more importantly, you have Jupiter moving through your Money House for most of the year. The prosperity that began last year continues further. One couldn’t ask for better financial aspects than to have both Jupiter and the Lord of the 5th House (Jupiter) in one’s Money House. It not only shows financial prosperity, the increase in value of one’s existing assets but more importantly, it shows ‘happy money’. Subha Muhurat Griha Pravesh dates in 2019

Perhaps the most important thing that’s happening is your expansion of financial knowledge and insight. Financial principles suddenly become clear to you and you see how to enter your financial ‘promised land’. One important key is that you seem to take the stress and anxiety out of moneymaking. You are relaxed about it and this, of itself, allows new financial ideas to come to you. Subha Muhurat Vehicle Purchase Dates 2019

Children are prospering this year. Many Leos are investing in the children this year. This too is a good long-term investment. Grandchildren have a status-quo financial year. One thing that could hamper earnings is getting into a moneymaking contest with your spouse, lover or partner. It isn’t necessary and will only obstruct the prosperity of both. More thought needs to be given to a business partnership for it seems unstable. Rahu Ketu Transit 2019 for Leo Sign

Health Horoscope 2019 Leo Sign

Saturn is your Health Planet. On a general level, Saturn rules the spine, knees, teeth and skeletal alignment. These areas should always be given more attention. Health problems, should they appear, are likely to begin there. Keeping them fit is powerful preventive medicine. Meals should be eaten in a relaxed, calm and prayerful way. Many of you will be more involved with spiritual healing and spiritual healing techniques, speaking of the word, prayer, laying on of hands, meditation and the like. You are likely to get very good results from these types of spiritual therapies. Subha Muhurat Property Purchase Dates 2019

Often this position shows much concern about the health of a partner or spouse or being very much involved in your spouse’s health. Often this position shows that intuition is being trained (in the year ahead) through health issues. Most importantly it shows that good health means a strong connection with the Great Life Power within. As long as the connection is strong, health will tend to be good. If the connection gets weak or blurred, health tends to suffer. The health of your loved one or spouse seems much improved over recent years. Health of children seems status quo. Saturn Transit 2017 – 2020 for Leo

Friends and Family Horoscope 2019 Leo Sign

You have great freedom to mould this area, as you will. Usually, though, the status quo tends to be maintained; this area of life is a lot happier than it has been in the past few years but your Home Planet in the 5th House is showing other things as well. It shows the need to enjoy the daily domestic routine more. Not so easy to do, as much of it is boring and tedious. Yet your challenge is to make it fun, to make a game of it, to inject joy into it. Jupiter transit 2018 – Leo sign

You may create a playground like atmosphere at home but we also see much more religion and education happening at home. There is a strong urge to teach religious, philosophical and ethical principles to the children. Beautifying the home and especially buying objects of beauty for the home goes best during November to December.

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