2019 Yearly Horoscope Virgo Sign | 2019 Rasi Palan Kanni Rasi

Yearly horoscope of Virgo for the year of 2019

Last year was a year of prosperity and the good life. It was a year of sensual pleasure and delight, of high optimism and of expansion of your horizons. This trend continues in the year ahead. Self-esteem and self-confidence were wonderful last year and will be wonderful in the year ahead too. Your love and social life began to become more interesting last year and you were feeling the first stirrings of change.

Friendships were tested last year and this trend is continuing in the year ahead. There is a need to weed out the true from the false friends, to separate the sheep from the goats. The main headline now is change both sudden and precipitous. This is a year of learning to flow with and adapt to change. It’s not trying to torture you or rain on your parade but it has so many other new delights for you that it needs to break your attachments to the old ones.

Wealth & Career Horoscope 2019 Virgo Sign

Your House of Finance will become powerful after second half of the year and be strong well into next year. Finances are important to you. The interest is there and the aspects are wonderful and it is going to be another year of prosperity and happiness. Rahu Ketu Transit 2019 for Virgo Sign

This year you may see dramatic connection between self-esteem and earning power. Because you are becoming more you have larger and better ideas for yourself. You inevitably earn more. You command more in the marketplace. This is a year for living the good life, for enjoying good food, good restaurants, good wine and all the finer things of life. Luxury personal accessories and clothing perhaps a whole new wardrobe is coming your way. You dress for success. You wear the image of wealth and others see you that way. Jupiter transit 2018 – Virgo sign

Property seems like a source of profits. Perhaps a financial partnership with a family member is happening. Family members are supportive financially and provide opportunity. You are spending more on the home, investing more in it. In general, Jupiter rules publishing, long-distance carriers either in telecommunications or transport and travel. Professional investors will want to follow these industries for profit opportunities. Subha Muhurat Griha Pravesh dates in 2019

Health Horoscope 2019 Virgo Sign

Health is much improved over last year but still needs watching. Saturn has moved away from a stressful alignment with you. If you’ve been reading my reports for the past few years you’ll know how to deal with this situation. “Rest and relax more.” Prioritise. Focus on the things that are important to you and let lesser things go. Delegate or outsource projects whenever possible. High energy is the main defence against all sorts of disease. Saturn Transit 2017 – 2020 for Virgo

Now more than ever, try to wear shoes that fit comfortably. Avoid shoes that throw you off balance or that distort the contours of your body. Keep your feet warm in the winter. Regular foot massages and footbaths will have a positive overall impact on both energy and health. Good health for you means a healthy spiritual life. Feeling disconnected from or not in the ‘Grace’ of the Higher Power can impact on health. In the years ahead, many of you are going to learn that there is really only one source of health and healing, the grace of the Higher Power. When healing is granted, almost any technique, pill or herb will work but if that healing isn’t granted, there is no doctor, pill or potion that can help you. So if you feel under the weather, you must first search for your healing from within. Subha Muhurat Vehicle Purchase Dates 2019

Many of you have been interested in spiritual healing techniques for many years. This trend is only going to intensify now. Prayer, meditation, speaking the word, laying on of hands, yoga and polarity therapies are all going to become very interesting now and you will get good results from these kinds of things. Many of you are going to develop your own healing talents (already considerable) along these lines. Subha Muhurat Property Purchase Dates 2019

Friends and Family Horoscope 2019 Virgo Sign

Home and family issues have been important to you for many years but are even more so this year. Many of you may feel a need to reform the whole family pattern. The old ways of doing things, child-rearing and domestic routines are seen as ‘evil’ and they need to be done away with. There could be secret, undercover wars with certain family members. These wars are not fought with bullets or bombs but psychologically, by propaganda and button pushing.

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