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Horoscope explanation about Zodiac Sign Pisces or Meena Rashi

Pisces Sign Meena Rashi
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Pisces sign is the last/12th  zodiac sign of the Horoscope. This sign is represented by the Water element of Nature. Pisces (Meena Rasi) is strong during the day. Among the “Sara”, “Sthira” and “Ubaya” Rasi, they are “Ubaya” Rashi. Meena Rashi is a narrow sign and also called as “full-benefit” Rashi.

The animal symbol for this sign is two fishes facing off each other. One fish faces the south and the other faces the North. Hence this sign is believed to be originating from the fish.

Pisces sign spreads across the 330to 360 degrees of the sky. They contain the following stars: Poorattadhi( pada 4), Uthirattadhi (pada 1, 2, 3 and 4), Revathi (pada 1, 2, 3, 4).

Pisces sign is ruled by Jupiter. Venus is ascending while Mercury is in retrograde. The other planets are either friendly or equable with this sign.


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The Pisceans (A person born under Pisces Sign) generally have a short, stout structure. Their eyes will be beautiful and their teeth large and even. Cheeks will be chubby and nice. They have soft bodies, an attractive mouth, and long limbs.


Lord Jupiter is the ruler of Pisces sign. Hence the Pisceans are spiritual, law abiding, self-confident, and philosophical, broad-minded. Their thoughts are pure, deep and creative. They regard the troubles of others as their own and give whatever help they can.

Pisces hold onto their conscience and spiritual beliefs for guidance. They will never think of harming anyone. They love to learn new things. They will be happy and joyous with their friends. Because of their shy nature, they find it difficult to mingle at first.

With Lord Jupiter as their ruler, Pisces have innovative, creative ideas. They love to research and learn anything. Pisces tend to believe anyone blindly; hence they are easily cheated. They will realize their folly only when it is too late and feel sorry for themselves.

People born under Pisces sign are dreamers; hence, they always have some kind of expectation from life. They do not mind working under others. Pisces bottle up their feelings and emotions. Their actions will have a secretive quality, going unnoticed by everyone. They work intelligently and flexibly, resulting in success.

The person born under Pisces Sign are active and energetic in action. They work hard to achieve their dreams. Meanwhile, good name, status in the society will gravitate towards them on their own. They possess natural leadership qualities. They can finish any difficult tasks quite easily. They can spy on others without anyone knowing about it. They have the talent to guide and lead industries, companies, and parties. They hold none as equal to them.


The presence of Lord Mars in the 2nd position indicates moderate money flow. They work really hard to earn money. But they spend that money instead of saving it. At the same time, they will always have money in their hands. Pisces will have the opportunity to buy new house, land or vehicles. They might spend much for their mother. Some Pisces do not mind spending lavishly. They will spend money on things that will make them happy.


The presence of Lord Mercury at the 7th position indicates a good-looking and youthful spouse. They expect their partners to be well-behaved, good-looking and well-educated. Since they are emotional, they love to express their love for other, but their shyness holds them back. A person born in Pisces sign have a deep love and respect for their spouses. The Pisceans tend to be suspicious about their partners. It is imperative that they leave their suspicious nature for a happy marriage. The presence of Lord Mars in the 2nd house indicates a well-educated wife who would be independent and brave. They beget good natured children who love them. Pisceans love their children with a deep affection.


The presence of Planet Sun in the 6th House brings heat-related ailments. They tend to have health problems related to the head, legs, mouth ulcer, teeth problems, nervous diseases, stomach ulcer, and intestinal problems, blood pressure problems, boils and skin infections.

Pisces will get loans from all places. They will undertake loans for building their own houses, investing in land, children’s education. They will have a good flow of money always. Pisces born people will get unexpected help from unexpected places at the right time. They might incur loans for health reasons, happy occasions in the family, etc.


The presence of Lord Jupiter in the 10th position indicates high governmental positions, jobs at reputed private companies. People born in Pisces sign can expect to travel abroad due to their work. The presence of Lord Sun in the 6th place indicates careers in education, government jobs, banking, and service sector. Lord Mercury is present in the 7th House, bringing in career opportunities in the fields of export/import, agencies, and communications and brokering.

The above predictions are based on the general positions of the planets. For every person, the birth chart differs. Hence a detailed analysis of the birth chart, the planetary positions and periods are necessary to accurately predict the career path of any person.

  • Pisces Sign Lucky Days: Sunday, Tuesday
  • Pisces Sign Lucky Numbers: Number 1 & Number 9
  • Pisces Sign Lucky Colours: White, Red
  • Pisces Sign Lucky Stones: Ruby, Coral


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