Aquarius Zodiac Sign General Characteristic and Significance

Horoscope explanation about Zodiac Sign Aquarius or Kumbha Rashi

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The Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac. This sign is considered as a stable sign. This sign is represented by the Air element of Nature. They are also called as the dry sign, singular sign, and masculine in nature.


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This sign is symbolized by the water pot, also called as Kumbha, which is essentially a pot-shaped vessel filled with water. This sign is also called as the “half-beneficial” sign. This Aquarians generally have a good voice and are humane.

This sign spans across the 300 to 330 degrees of the sky.  This sign contains the following stars: Avittam (pada 3, 4), Sadhayam (pada 1, 2, 3, 4), Poorattadhi (pada 1, 2, 3, 4). As this sign is ruled by Saturn, both Mercury and Venus are friendly, while the Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Mars are maleficent. In this sign, no planet is highly beneficial or highly malevolent.


The person born under Aquarius Sign generally are very tall, with beautiful faces and long ears. They have curly hair and well-built body. Their teeth will be crooked. They have the habit of bending their head down or sideways while talking. They will be always cheerful.


As Aquarius comes 11th sign in the zodiac, they will have broad-minded thinking. They desire to be happy and cheerful always. They mingle easily with others and have many friends. People would love to help them. Though they speak their mind, they adjust well to their situations and keep running things smoothly. They love to try out new things and keep on doing something. They can easily detect the faults of others. They will be active and energetic all the time. They like to mock others. Due to the saturnine presence, they will hesitate before doing anything. They will not indulge in any activity immediately, but keep procrastinating till the end.  Hence their work will have a delayed start and delayed end.

A person born under Aquarius Sign possess great creativity and love to learn about the changing technologies. They love to mix up stories with details from their superb memory and imagination. They love to make their own path. They keep their own counsel and if anything feels right to them, they will undertake it, without regard to the law.

Aquarius mind will be constantly filled with thoughts. They love to wear new clothes and jewelry, perfumes. They will dress flashily to stand out from others. They have a curious nature and wonder about the whys and how’s. They will have many friends and consider it their duty to help them.

Aquarius desire to contribute much to charity and are generous. They love to indulge in parties and celebrations. They are emotional and are interested in romantic matters. Aquarius will struggle to get their desired spouse. The presence of Lord Sun in the 7th place indicates a spouse with round face, good looks and well placed. Their married life will be moderately happy.  Their spouses accomplish extraordinary work and are law-abiding and honest, and go about their careers well.


The presence of the Moon in the 6th place indicates problems of the lungs, like asthma, allergy, tuberculosis, cold and water-related diseases. The presence of Lord Saturn along with the Moon indicates cold influence. Hence problems related to blood flow, pain in the legs, skin problems and fever will arise and go.

Women will be both beneficial and detrimental to this sign.  Though they might get the required loans, it is advised not to take unnecessary loans.  Aquarius might have to take new loans to pay off old ones. Though they have to take big loans for house, land or vehicles, they will keep their heads above water.


The presence of Lord Mars in the 10th House indicates a career in law enforcement, military, engineering, medicine, fertilizer industry. The presence of Moon in the 6th position will bring opportunities for a water-related career like shipbuilding, fisheries, etc.  Though they might get government jobs, they can start self-employment jobs, small businesses, banks, and insurance, due to the presence of Lord Sun in 7th position.

The exact career details of a person can be predicted only by analyzing the planetary positions during his time of birth. The above-given predictions are made on the general position of the planets.

  • Aquarius Sign Lucky Days:  Monday, Tuesday
  • Aquarius Sign Lucky Numbers: Number 2 & Number 9
  • Aquarius Sign Lucky Colours: White, Red
  • Aquarius Sign Lucky Stones: Pearl, Coral


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