Sasa Yoga – Raja Yoga by Saturn | Sani in Kendra

Sasa Yoga - Bestowed by Planet Saturn (Sani) in Ascendant / Kendra

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Sasa yoga is bestowed by Lord Shani or Lord Saturn. When He is present in your Ascendant or Kendra Houses in His most benevolent position, he will give great yogas or benefits. Sasa yoga is one of the Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga. Planet Saturn takes care of the jeevasthana. When He is present at the 7th House of Libra in the great wheel of Karma (the birth chart) or the 10th or 11th Houses of Capricorn or Aquarius, He will rise to His greatest powers.

Sasa Yoga – the etymology or the reason behind the name

The word Sasa in Sanskrit means “a rabbit”. There is a reason why our ancestors chose an herbivorous animal like rabbit to denote the benefits obtained from Lord Saturn.

A rabbit is a very active animal that keeps hopping and jumping from place to place; it never stays still. Why is this so? This is the rabbit’s protecting instinct. When the rabbit stay at a single place, it makes it easy for silent predators to pounce on it. So once a rabbit is attacked, it learns to be restless and stay active to avoid potential harm in the future. It will become wary of its surroundings, sharpen its instincts, learn to read the danger signs and run away from incoming danger.

Here our sages used the rabbit as a symbol of a man’s fear. That is, the experience gained by being in dangerous situations will help a man stay away from harm in the future.

Effects of Sasa Yoga

Those with Sasa Yoga will gain expertise, intelligence and street-smarts through several experiences in the early stages of their lives. In terms of Business Management studies, they learn through trial and error. Lord Saturn will take them through some troublesome experiences in their early part of lives. This will make them realize reality, the practical nature of things. They grow into stronger, clever determined beings adept at managing things. During the latter part of the Lord Saturn’s period, they will rise high up in life using the wisdom acquired during the earlier stages of their lives. Lucky Numerology number 1

In short, for Sasa Yoga, Lord Saturn gives obstacles to a person during the early stages of his/her life. He gives them a chance to learn from their mistakes and become stronger. Then in their later years, he will give them opportunities to rise up in their lives.

Thus the people with Sasa Yoga would have a highly developed sense of intuition and would know the ways to escape from dangerous troubles and overcome obstacles. This is because they would have faced such situations earlier in their lives.

The people with Sasa Yoga will have the ability to renew themselves and rise up every time they fall.  They will be given respectable positions like Judges, Village heads, managing positions and such. People with Sasa Yoga for whom the Lord Saturn period comes early in their life will have little confidence in their abilities during those early times. In their later years, they will become confident and stronger. Chandra Mangla Yoga

As the people with Sasa Yoga realise their mistakes, they can easily find if others make mistakes too. They also point them out quickly and inform others how to correct themselves. Due to this nature, they will be called as Rules Ramanujam or a stick. But if people correct their mistakes and follow their advice, they will inevitably gain a lot. That is the reason we see more Sasa Yoga people in the field of Justice.

Lord Saturn rules the House of Capricorn; for those with Capricorn Ascendant, Lord Saturn rules the 1st House and the 10th House. Lord Saturn from their 10th House will affect their health and increase their work burden. When Lord Jupiter peaks at the House of Cancer gazes at Lord Saturn in the House of Capricorn, then this Sasa Yoga works with maximum benefits to that person; or when Lord Jupiter present in the House of Capricorn gets nullified or weakened, Sasa Yoga will work to its maximum beneficiary potential. When Lord Saturn and Jupiter are present at a distance of 5 periods then, the Sasa yoga will bring respectable position to the person. But if Lord Saturn is in a maleficent position, then the Sasa Yoga is nullified. Best Career option for Capricorn Ascendant

Benefits of Sasa Yoga

For people with Libra as Ascendant, Lord Saturn will be at His peak at the Ascendant and the 4th House. As the House of Capricorn comes as the 4th House, Lord Saturn will bring in the benefits of Sasa yoga to that person. As Lord Saturn is strong in the Ascendant, He will make the person lazy and stubborn. Depending on the strength of Lord Venus here, the effects of Lord Saturn will vary. As Lord Saturn nullifies the effects of Lord Sun, He bestows the person with a prominent position in politics. But people with Libra Ascendant and Sasa yoga become strict judges dealing out harsh rulings. When Lord Saturn becomes weak or nullified in such birth charts it gives rise to a generous mind and wealthy philanthropists and big businessmen.  As Lord Saturn in the 4th House aspects the 10th House, it becomes necessary for that person to shift to a new place due to their jobs.

The Ascendants which have the Houses in which Lord Saturn rules as their Kendra Houses:

Aries: 7th House, 10th House

Taurus: 4th House

Cancer: 4th House, 7th House

Leo: 7th House

In this, Lord Saturn is maleficent for the Aries Ascendant and hence His gaze at the Ascendant doesn’t bring good benefits. Gemstones Reports

But for Cancer Ascendant, Lord Jupiter who peaks at the Ascendant gazes at Lord Saturn in the 7thHouse brings in wealth, stable job for a person through their spouse.  But for Libra Ascendants it is not good when Lord Saturn peaks at the Ascendant. When Lord Saturn gazes at the Libra Ascendant, He brings in laziness and stubborn personality. If Lord Saturn is in the 4th House without losing His strength, then your health or your mother’s health will be affected.  You will face difficulty in buying new properties.

When Lord Saturn present in your 4th House aspects the 10th House, He will bring in trouble at the workplace through employee quarrels, though you will have a stable job. In such situations, it is better to have Lord Saturn in a weakened position.

For Leo Ascendant, Lord Saturn in a ruling position at the 7th House is not very encouraging. If Lord Jupiter gazes on the Lord Saturn from Ascendant and Lord Saturn is in a weakened or debilitated position, then the person might benefit from the Sasa yoga.

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