Understanding Kemdrum Yoga

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Today we will discuss about very famous KEMDRUM YOGA. Much has been written about this yoga in Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra, Brihat Jatak, Saravali and Phaldeepika like classical literature.

Let us understand what is this Kemdruma yoga. When there is no planet with Moon or in 2nd or 12th house from Moon, this yoga is formed. ( Sun Rahu or Ketu are not to be considered. Means if Sun or Rahu or Ketu is with Moon or in 2nd or 12th from Moon, even then Kemdruma yoga is formed. )

Moon is like a child or like a 18 years young immatured young girl who needs care, company or support. Otherwise Moon, the MIND, is in vulnerable to wrong tracks. Moon alone is not safe. At least one planet should be in same house as a partner or in neighbour for company and protection.

Kemdrum Yoga can not be cancelled totally in any condition but its efficasy is reduced to some extent, if benefic Jupiter or strong Saturn aspects Moon. But Mars aspect is negative since Mars makes one impulsive and person takes big risks.

Kemdruma yoga is said to be a poverty yoga but it is not at all true. This yoga can not stop one becoming rich but gives much struggle and up downs in life. They have to face a big loss once in life.

People with this yoga live haphazard life without any future planning. They live in the present only. They are always dependent upon other in their decisions and this is the reason that clever and shrewd people take the advantage of such people.

There remains uncleanliness with these people. There is no future planning and they just run with the time flow. Their mood is changing off and on so no firmness or steadiness. They never listen to others. If the whole chart is strong and if they get name and fame, the achieved status will not be continued and the charishma will soon be over.

They don’t have the vision to recognise the person so they trust anybody blindly. This is the main setback in their nature. Sometime they take foolish decision. They don’t get much support from their family members. They also seem to be detached and somewhat careless.

They are unfit to do any big business or to take a big risk. Some percentage of cowardice is there in their nature. They prefer to compromise rather than to fight.

One significance or the ‘Karakatva’ of the house where Moon is placed in the chart is lost. (For example if Kemdrum Moon is placed in the 4th house then either they loss motherly happiness or property happiness.)

Kemdrum Moon is more weak in 3rd 6th 8th and 12th and gets strength in Kendras like 1, 4, 7 and 10th house.

Nature created by Kemdrum yoga described above remains for whole life but struggle seems mainly in Moon dasha and Sadesati.

Strong Mars, strong Mercury, strong Jupiter, strong Venus and strong Saturn in Kendras from Moon creates ‘Panch Mahapurush yoga‘ but if Moon himself is in Kemdrum yoga then the person can not enjoy the fruits of such best yogas.

Study the life of Bharat Bhushan, Rajesh Khanna and Rahul Gandhi. They are the best examples of Kemdrum yoga. Always surrounded and guided by the ‘yes sir, ji sir, right sir’ people. But no own vision and maturity for future.

मेरे कदम जहां पड़े, सजदे किए थे यार ने

मुजको रुला रुला दिया, जाती हुई बहार ने ।

This is the situation they have to face in later age.

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