2018 Rasi Palan Kumbh Rasi | Yearly Horoscope 2018 Aquarius Sign

Aquarius Sign ( Kumbh Rasi) - Yearly Horoscope 2018 : Moon sign based yearly horoscope predictions 2018

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General Predictions – Aquarius Sign

2018 yearly horoscope for Kumbh rashi – Your worries and anxieties troubling your mind will vanish and your happiness will increase. Your expenses will start coming down after June. Couples will be kind towards each other. Happy events like marriage will start taking place before June itself. Some might have to shift their families to new places due to work. Avoid spending on unnecessary things.


Business will start booming. You can start any new business within June for it to run well. When you start out late, you might have to work very hard to make it successful.


Employees will receive promotions and increments. Your superiors will support you. After June, your work load will increase. The unemployed should try to get placed before June. Those in police and security business will get promotions in the month of October and November.


Farmers can get good profits from their crops during the first five months of this year. But later, you might have to face some small troubles. Still, those won’t affect you much. Some will buy new lands. You can get good yield by using modern equipment.


Women should avoid confrontations with your better half and act supportively. After June, all your restraint will show results. Your search for groom/brides should complete before June. You can buy new ornaments at the start of this year. Working women will get good offers.


Students can see their studies progressing in the desired way. But the next year will be tough as you have to work hard at academics.


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