2018 Rasi Palan Makara Rasi | Yearly Horoscope 2018 Capricorn Sign

Capricorn Sign ( Makara Rasi) - Yearly Horoscope 2018 : Moon sign based yearly horoscope predictions 2018

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General Predictions – Capricorn Sign

2018 yearly horoscope for Makara rashi – All your dreams will come true. You will look at everything with the right perspective. Your investments in share market will reap good profits. You will use those profit for future savings and will reduce wasting money on luxury. You can see some benefits coming from your paternal side. People who opposed you will fall silent.

Planet Jupiter aspects your House of career in the latter part of this year. This will cause all your obstacles at work to vanish. You will get money from unexpected quarters. Your mind will finally become calm and sleep well at night and your health problems will disappear completely. Your family will face no medical expenses too. You will receive happy news from foreign places. You will lead your life with spiritual thoughts.


Employees will receive their much-awaited promotion. Because of this, your income will rise. Superiors will trust you with new responsibilities. The physical tiredness and mental confusion you have been experiencing in the past few years will reduce. Your physical appearance will take on a new glow. Your co-workers will forget old slights and start being friendly with you. You will take up new courses at your work place and learn them successfully.


Businessmen will have to work hard to overcome the hurdles placed by their competitors. Instead of trusting your partners, you should supervise your work directly. This will reduce mistakes in your business. Be careful in money matters too. This year will see you working hard, forgoing any comfort.


Farmers will get good results this year. You will receive bank loans. As water flow is good, you will do your job joyously. You will earn well from new lease deals. You will buy new lands. Your savings will rise. Milk and farm animals businesses will give good profits. Any land-related court cases will come out in your favour.


Politicians will gain good support from your party heads. Though your supporters will not back you up much, do not worry; help them and win their hearts. You will take up activities that serve the public good. You will expose the underhand dealings of your opposition and gain fame.


Actors and technicians in the arts and entertainment industry can see their work proceeding smoothly. New chances will knock on your door. They will showcase your talents well. Your comforts will increase. You will buy new vehicles. You will indulge in positive and creative work and succeed in them too.


Women should follow a give and take policy with your household. You should learn to adjust with everyone. Take decisions only after thinking twice about them calmly. Instead of spending money on luxury, save them wisely for your future. Do not utter words in haste. Remember “It is better to hold your tongue, when it cannot utter anything kind or constructive.”


Students will get the strength to overcome the obstacles in your studies. You will study with a learn mind and get good marks. Your friends will be supportive of you. At the same time, you might not win as desired in sports and competitive events.


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