2018 Rasi Palan Meena Rasi | Yearly Horoscope 2018 Pisces Sign

General Predictions – Pisces Sign

2018 yearly horoscope for Meena rashi – You will get successful results by approaching old problems from a new perspective. Longstanding work will be completed in a good way. Your children will turn towards the right path. You will marry off your child in a grand manner. Your son will get a good job with a nice salary. He will also get a good wife. You will repair your vehicles. Some will buy new vehicles.


You will come out of your defeatist attitude. Though your income will increase, your expenditure will rise too. You will get the friendship of VIPs. The confusions and fights prevailing in your family will come to an end. You will receive your ancestral wealth. Your paternal relatives will be helpful. Planet Mars, ruler of Pisces sign Jupiter sits in a strong position at the start of this New Year; hence the misunderstandings plaguing your mind will vanish. People who opposed you earlier will become silent. Your speech will show maturity. You will pay off long standing dues and take ownership of the properties. Your siblings will help you out. Loans which were obtained at a high interest rate can be settled partly. A long delayed court case will conclude in your favour.

You will give concrete shape to your ideas. Your enemies won’t trouble you. Your health issues will resolve. You will stop your pointless fights with others. You will successfully complete the work which had involved needless travels. Money you had lent earlier will be paid back. Those who had encountered troubles wherever they went will be welcomed with kindness now. Some will shift to their house of desire. You will get the friendship of influential people at the right time, which will save your reputation. You will regain lost valuables. Listlessness will vanish and you will complete your jobs with a new fervour.


Employees will get new promotions. Income will be steady. If you want to earn the goodwill of your superiors, you should maintain a healthy, respectful distance from them. As you are friendly with your co-workers, you can complete your projects in time. You will get chances to take up new courses to improve your skills at your work place.


Businessmen will overcome competition and jealousy with patience and determination. You will cleverly escape from troubles. You will go after new customers and new markets. This year you will face no difficulty in buying and selling.


Farmers will have good irrigation facilities and hence you can reap good profits this year with hard work. You will get good income from selling your produce at a higher rate. You will not benefit much from your farm animals.


Politicians will gain name and fame by greatly helping their supporters and party people. Your status will rise in society. Your efforts will take you towards the path of success.


Actors and technicians in the arts and entertainment industry will see gradual growth. As your income will be good, you will spend on your fan clubs. Your co-workers will be beneficial to you. You might buy new vehicles.


For women, their family life will be peaceful. You will receive happy news from foreign places. You will get along with your partner. Do not fight unnecessarily with your partner’s relatives.


Students will excel at their studies. Your powers of memory and comprehension will increase. At the same time, be careful while playing games. You will take up the course of your dreams with the support of your parents.


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