2019 Yearly Horoscope Aquarius Sign | 2019 Rasi Palan Kumbha Rasi

Yearly horoscope of Aquarius for the year of 2019

Many years now you have led a nomadic existence. You’ve flitted from place to place and from clime to clime. No one could keep track of you. Your address changed so many times. There was a great need for personal freedom, for breaking out of all personal limitations but now some of this is out of your system and you seem ready to settle down. Your life is becoming more stable. You’ve learned the lessons of freedom and now you’re more about moneymaking, acquiring wealth.

True freedom, after all, means having the wherewithal to be free. Wealth has been important for many years now and is becoming even more important this year and for many years to come. You are well on our way to attainment. Spirituality has been very important for many years, and this trend will be even further intensified this year and in coming years.

Wealth and Profession:

Money and earnings have been important for you for many years and their importance is even stronger in this year also. For many years you have been involved with your image, your self-concept and personal fulfilment but now you are taking personal charge of your finances. Your financial destiny is in your own hands and you are not delegating these issues to others. As in past years you are investing in yourself, a wise move, as this tends to be the best investment long term. You are investing in making yourself a better person through studies in self-improvement, personality development and the like and through upgrading and updating your image. You spend lavishly on yourself, dress expensively and pamper yourself. Subha Muhurat Griha Pravesh dates in 2019

Aquarius Sign people would like to wear expensive Jewellery and accessories. You are up to date on all the latest fashion trends. In short, you don the image of wealth and success and as you adopt this image, others see you as wealthy and the wealth vibration increases in your aura. Whether or not you are actually rich, you will dress and accessorise as if you are. For your personal appearance seems to play an unusually important role in your earnings. It’s as if you are ‘marketing’ yourself, always selling the self. Subha Muhurat Property Purchase Dates 2019

Over all, wealth is increasing this year. You have a rare combination of desire for wealth with the good aspects that can make it happen. While most of you will never be Bill Gates or Richard Branson (these kinds of people are rare in every age), you should still enjoy a marked increase in personal wealth in the coming year. You will make important progress towards your wealth goals. You will not lack for any material thing in the year ahead. Financial opportunity will come through an uncanny ability to see value where others see only death, decay or junk. Troubled companies, troubled properties perhaps even troubled people that everyone has given up on, junk that floats around in attics or garages all have profit potential for you, if you keep your eyes open. Saturn Transit 2017 – 2020 for Aquarius Sign

Health and Vitality:

Health was good last year and should be good again this year. There are no major long-term planets stressing you this year but health should get even better after September when Jupiter makes a harmonious aspect to you. Yet, in spite of these wonderful aspects, I can see a very strong influence of 6th House on your health. There is intense interest in this field. I read this as an interest in keeping fit, preventive types of medicine, diet and exercise. You are undertaking disciplined health regimes not because of sickness, but for prevention, just for the sake of staying fit. Subha Muhurtham Marriage dates in 2019

Native of Aquarius want therapies that have proven themselves over time. You don’t want quick fixes or ‘faddy’ type things. You are concerned with long-term health. Your Spiritual Planet in your House of Health shows that the major health lesson is to seek healing from within. Your connection to the Higher Power is the most important healer. Yes, there is a Divine Physician within to which you have access and connection with this brings enduring health. Jupiter transit 2018 – Aquarius sign

The Moon is your Health Planet. Since the Moon rules the stomach and breasts, these organs are also unusually important for overall health. The Moon rules moods, feelings and emotions hence emotional health is part and parcel of physical health. Negative moods are not only unpleasant but have a direct, dramatic, impact on overall health. This is true for everyone to some degree but especially for you. Moon also rules the stomach, diet is more of an issue for you than for most people. Good nutrition is important and consulting with an expert in these things is advisable but just as important as WHAT you eat is HOW you eat. Meals should be taken in a relaxed and calm way. Rahu Ketu Transit 2019 for Aquarius Sign

The health of a parent or parent figure seems vastly improved over last year. Health of children likewise. Children will get benefit from spiritually oriented therapies, which in many cases shows why you’re more interested in these things in the year ahead.

Friends and Family:

Your 4th House of Home and Family is not a House of Power this year. Though you may have more freedom in this area, you seem to lack the interest to capitalise on this freedom. Basically, it’s a status quo year. Though you lack interest in domestic and family issues, the North Node’s position in your 4th House shows that you will derive great joy and fulfilment from these things. Venus is your Family Planet. It moves through the entire Zodiac every year. Best Career option Capricorn Ascendant

Family trends and family relationships have a ‘short-term’ flavour to them. Nothing is ever written in stone, as things shift very quickly. Today’s fight becomes tomorrow’s love-fest. Today’s crisis is next month’s resolution. There is a greater focus on children. Aquarians of childbearing age will be more fertile. Even older Aquarians will want more children perhaps through adoption. A relative’s child might stay with you for an extended period. Vastu Remedies for House

Relations with a parent or parent figure are becoming more volatile this year. You will feel more rebellious while he or she might feel that you’re being ‘eccentric’ or strange. Money or other financial issues could be at the root of the problem. Relations with children will fluctuate month to month. Likewise relations with siblings.

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