Cancer Zodiac Sign General Characteristic and Significance

Horoscope Cancer Zodiac Sign General Characters and Signification Meaning

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The Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. This is the first sign belonging to the water element of the Earth.  This sign is called as the “Saraa Rashi” or the dual Rashi. The Planet Moon is the ruler of this sun sign. The Moon is a feminine Ruler and also denotes the Mother. Hence the Moon is also considered as a representation of the Parashakthi. This sign also denotes the sea, the place of rest for Lord Vishnu and his consort Lakshmi.

Cancer sign is a flourishing characteristic. This sign is also called as the silent sign. As the Moon is seen only during the night, this sign is also called as the Night sign. The animal Crab is the symbol for Cancer. The Crab signifies that though this is a Water sign, this sign contains warmth and rising. When the Sun comes to this sign, this sign will be seen in the northern direction in the sky. Hence this sign is also called as the North sign.

This sign contains the Punarpoosha star ( pada 4), Poosam star (pada 1, 2, 3, 4) and the Ayilya star (pada 1, 2, 3, 4) in its constellation. This constellation is present between the 90 and 120 degrees in the zodiac.

Lord Moon is the ruler of this sign. Planet Jupiter rides on an ascent in this sign, while Mars goes to retrograde. Lord Sun is equable while the others are adversarial in their nature towards this sign.


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Like the symbol, the Crab, the Cancerians possess slender arms and legs with nice strong nails. Their upper body will be longer. As Lord Moon is the presiding deity for this sign, the Cancerians are usually beautiful and youthful, with the mouth slightly bigger, beautiful teeth, curly hair and fair bodies. They usually range in the shorter spectrum in terms of physical height.


Lord Moon rules over the thoughts of a person. Hence generally, the Cancer Sign have good thoughts. As the Moon waxes and wanes every 15 days, so do the troubles and good fortune of the Cancerians vary. In spite of all this, the Cancerians aim to live a happy life. They have a good memory and are able to grasp the speech of others. They are clever when it comes to changing their life according to the advice of well-wishers. Though they want to be happy all the time, they are emotional and show their feelings, grief easily. They do not possess the consistency of countenance.

They aim to acquire good name and fame and try to get them by any means possible. They do twist the truth and speak lies easily, but always act with forethought.  Their shyness can sometimes turn into fierce confidence during tough situations. They would not hesitate to put someone down with their words.

They can be considered as selfish, being concerned only with their and their family well-being. Their thoughts always center on their parents, their family, their kids and such. They would want to spend their time with their family rather than stay at work. The Cancerians are clever when it comes to managing people. They know how to tackle a person and manipulate them to follow their wishes. They never care for the criticism of others.

Coming under the auspices of Lord Moon, the Cancerians naturally gravitate towards the arts and film field. They love to make up and present themselves in a stylish way. They would want to maintain their individuality in everything.  They possess the silver tongue, one that charms and can create make-believe stories in a believable manner. Their speech is laced with mockery and humor. They can remember everything like an elephant and speak them out. They like to put themselves up and talk about themselves.

They work well in the society. They undertake any given work with sincerity and work for the right time for everything. They love their mothers very much and think twice before acting.

Born under the Moon, the Cancerians are an emotional lot. Though they love solitude they also want to be connected to people all the time. They work hard to achieve wealth and social status. Their youth might have been difficult, but the later years are generally peaceful and successful. They don’t trust easily and hence are not cheated much. They love to make their own path in life. As they age, their fortitude increases.


The Cancer sign is very careful when it comes to money. They don’t waste their money in unnecessary expenses and try to save a lot. They are very honest when it comes to monetary dealings. Money flow will always be good. They are very clever in saving any small amount of money. They would invest their money in land, jewelry, house, the stock market. They abhor wasteful spending. As they are very honest in money matters, others would not cheat them.


The Moon is the ruler of the mind. If the Moon and Mercury are not in a good position in the birth chart of the Cancerian, it indicates passing problems with the mind, as they tend to worry a lot. Troubles in the region of stomach, nerves, and lungs are indicated. If cysts and blemishes occur, they should take the appropriate treatment. Any pain in the heart, pancreas, and legs should be taken care of.


The Moon represents coolness and beauty. The Cancer sign is astute when it comes to romance. They generally have a very good married life. Both the spouses will love and shower their love on each other. The Cancerian husband loves to take his wife out and gifts her frequently. They love their children very much.


As Mars present in the 10th position which indicates the Career, the Cancerians can undertake a career in iron-related, engineering and construction business. The presence of Jupiter in the 6th House can bring a career in education, banking, and insurance. To know which job is specifically suited to a person, his/her birth chart is necessary to accurately predict the correct job.

  • Cancer Sign Lucky Days:  Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Cancer Sign Lucky Numbers: Number 9, Number 3 & Number 6
  • Cancer Sign Lucky Colours: Red, Yellow, and White
  • Cancer Sign Lucky Stones: Coral, Yellow Sapphire, Diamond


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