Gemini Zodiac Sign General Characteristic and Significance

Gemini Zodiac Sign General Characters & Signification Meaning

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The Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac. It is ruled by the planet Mercury. In the five elements of the Earth, this sign is denoted by Air. This sign is also called as the helpful sign and an infertile sign.

Gemini sign is represented by twins ( a boy and a girl), this sign is also called as the duality sign.  Of these, the boy holds a mace while the girl holds a veena. Hence this sign is called as the two-legged sign.

The Gemini contains the stars Mrigashiriksha (pada 3, 4), Thiruvadhirai (pada 1, 2, 3 and 4) Punarpoosham (pada 1, 2, 3) and is present between the 60 and 90 degrees in the zodiac constellation.

Lord Mercury is the ruler of this sign. Planet Mars and Jupiter are considered to be maleficent to Gemini while the others are beneficial. As Lord Mercury is the ruler of knowledge and wisdom, the Geminis are considered to possess a feminine form of intelligence.  The color green is governed by Lord Mercury.


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People born under Gemini possess a normal body structure. They have beautiful eyes, curly hair, and a sharp nose. They have a good muscular, youthful profile. In astrology, Lord Mercury is also called as the prince. Hence Geminis are usually youthful in their looks always.


Mithuna Rasi people are a very active and energetic people; they keep running around, working hard. Lord Mercury is a very dynamic sign, and also stands for beauty. Hence the Geminis are very charming, good-looking and present an ever smiling face. They like to be the jack of all trades and show their brilliance in whatever field takes their fancy. Though they are honest, they love change. They keep changing their jobs, in search of excitement.

Lord Mercury is the ruler of wisdom; hence the Gemini are usually learning something new all the time. They like to express themselves through the arts like singing, writing, dancing and films. They love change and like to travel frequently. They love to express their feelings and thoughts. Though they look like they listen to the advice of others, they ultimately follow only their own thoughts.  They are adept at changing according to the situation.

They keep indulging in some form of activity to stay active. They try their hands at several businesses at the same time.  They scorn the old and love the new. They would work hard for others. They do not get the complete victory as they keep running several things in parallel and don’t have a singular attention. They are emotional, love good company and are willing to spend a nice time. They are lovers of change, new things, learning every day, energetic and want to succeed fast in life.

Planet Mercury controls the thoughts. Hence the Gemini mind keeps changing. They have a good sense of humor, with a pleasant demeanor. As thoughts keep running in their mind, the Gemini sign people sometimes stumble and cross their own beliefs.

They are slightly naïve and sometimes trust someone deeply and find their trust broken. Because of this gullible nature, their friends, relatives try to take advantage of them. They are interested in the arts field. They try to complete any job they undertake with ingenuity unless others intrude in their work. Though they possess many friends, most of them only try to cheat them. The Geminis love nature.


The Gemini sign people are hardworking people and earn well. But they spend unwisely and have little money staying back in their bank accounts. They try to invest what money they get or spend it unnecessarily. Unless they curb their spending habits, it would be difficult for them. Whatever money they lay hands on, they will spend. Hence it is best for them to invest in solid, immovable investments like land, house, etc.


People born under Gemini Sign have a softy’s heart and worry about the troubles of everyone, needlessly damaging their health.  Lord Mercury is the ruler of the nerves. Hence the Mithuna Rasi (Gemini Sign) should be wary of nerve diseases.  They might be afflicted with diseases of the throat, lungs, cold, shoulder, back, kidneys and skin, blood pressure and obesity.

The Geminis take many loans and try to take new ones to close old debts. They should try to reign in their debts. There will always be people willing to lend them money. They will keep loaning their jewelry and ornaments.


As Sagittarius sign is the 7th sign of Gemini, the Gemini Sign people will get beautiful spouses. Their married lives will be good and happy. But too much emphasis on beauty can break the marriage. People born under Gemini Rasi love to fall in love and they wish for a love marriage.

People born under Gemini Sign love their family and children. Gemini women love their husbands very much. Though they receive love in return, as time goes, this decreases. Hence it will be good for the Gemini women to be occupied with a profession. Since they talk well with others in a normal way, it might cause some trouble and misunderstanding. So the Gemini women should keep this in mind.


As Pisces sign is the 10th sign of Gemini and Mars is in the 6th House, jobs related to the auspices of Lord Jupiter and Mars will be beneficial. Any detailed understanding of a person’s career requires the analysis of his birth chart for accurate predictions.

  • Gemini Sign Lucky Days:  Tuesday, Thursday
  • Gemini Sign Lucky Numbers: Number 6 & Number 3
  • Gemini Sign Lucky Colours: Red and Yellow
  • Gemini Sign Lucky Stones: Coral, Yellow Sapphire


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