Taurus Zodiac Sign General Characteristic and Significance

Taurus Zodiac Sign General Characters & Signification

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Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac zone. The planet Venus is the ruler of this sun sign. As the planet Venus is attributed with female characteristics, the Taurus sun sign is also called a feminine sign, and a sympathetic sign. The Taurus is affixed with the animal symbol of the Bull. Hence like their animal sign, they move forward in a fierce manner.

Among the five elements of our planet, Taurus sign denotes the land. This constellation is spread between 30 and 60 degrees. This sign is also called as the stable sun sign.

Taurus contains the following stars: karthigai (padham 2, 3, 4), Rohini ( padhams 1,2,3,4) and Mrigashiriksha (padhams 1, 2).

The planet Venus is the ruler of this sign. The Moon is exalted in this sign, while the Sun and Jupiter will be maleficent in the House of Venus in Taurus. Some astrological books contend that even the North and South Node (Rahu and Ketu) are maleficent in the House of Venus in this sign, while the others are considered to be equable.


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The Taureans (Taurus Sign – Rishaba Rasi), being under the rule of Venus, have an attractive physique. They have thick neck, wide, round eyes and curly hair. They have pretty chubby cheeks. They will be on the sturdy side with strong thighs. They have the soft body. They look the same always, irrespective of what age they get to. They possess a unique charm.


The Taurus is the first female sign in the zodiac. Also, this sign contains stability as a trait. This denotes that the Taureans are generally very peaceful and do not anger easily. They have very strong beliefs. They will try to analyze everything before doing anything. But once they believe, they will complete the job with cleverness. They can wait patiently for the correct situation.

Usually, the people born under Taurus are very honest people; living a truthful pure life appeals to them.  They are highly interested in earning money and investing them in land and jewelry. They give importance to living happily at any moment of time.

Being the second sign in the zodiac, the people born under Taurus sign will be attracted to good food and keep a smiling and pleasant face all the time. They will never let their sorrows known to others. They are very crafty and want to live this life in full. Their advice will always be strong. Being honest people, any work given to them will be done well. They will inculcate a gentle demeanor to tackle the people.

Since planet Venus, the teacher of Asuras, is the Ruler of this sign, they will be very interested in the arts, cinema, and singing. They will talk in a poetic style, with attractive facial expressions and charm everyone with their nice speeches. Gold, clothes, and money will come to them naturally. They love to wear expensive jewelry.


Venus is the Ruler of Taurus Sign. Since Venus is considered as the planet where Goddess Mahalakshmi resides along with Lord Vishnu, there will be no shortage of wealth for this sign. Even when they are in dire straits for money, they will be in a position to use the money of others. They like to give away lands, cattle, clothes and ornaments, farming and vehicles.

Though they might look like following the orders of others, they only follow their own advice. They do not like to change their own mind after taking a decision. They would go on their own way and won’t budge from their path, even if they face many hurdles and disapprovals. They are very clever at the strategic action.

As this is a feminine sign, they should be careful when dealing with women. Generally speaking, the male born under Taurus Sign should be especially cautious with the other gender.  Normally the Taurus Sign people will be interested in the matters of romance and do get the slight good fortune from such inclinations. But, depending on the position of the planets, these activities might even ruin their names, lives. Hence it is always better to be careful when dealing with women.

The Taureans are motivated to earn well and are less inclined to spend such hard-earned money frivolously. They would rather spend their money on buying clothes and jewelry that will make them look attractive and make them stand out in the crowd. They love to look good and take all steps necessary to ensure their beauty.


Being the second sign in the zodiac, the people born under Taurus Sign will be afflicted with diseases of the eyes, ears, nose and throat. Sometimes moles or lumps appear and disappear from their cheeks. They might get eye problems, kidney problems. The parts of the mouth and throat are the worst afflicted areas. There are chances of getting STDs, leprosy too. So the Taureans should be specifically careful with their health. Though women bring great luck to the Taureans, getting into unnecessary loans because of the women will not work out well. Particular attention should be given before signing any bail.


As Mars appears in the 7th House for this sign, married life will be moderately good for the Taureans. They will be vaguely displeased with their married life. But a person born under the sign of Taurus.usually get well-educated, employed spouses, who are very strong and intelligent.


As Lord Saturn appears in the 10TH House for this sign, the Taureans will get into iron related businesses. Any accurate prediction of the career prospects requires the exact birth details of the person. Hence for a detailed analysis, the birth chart of the person is essential.

  • Taurus Sign Lucky Days:  Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
  • Taurus Sign Lucky Numbers: Number 6, Number 5 & Number 8
  • Taurus Sign Lucky Colours: White, Green, Black
  • Taurus Sign Lucky Stones: Diamond, Green sapphire, Blue Sapphire


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