Sagittarius Zodiac Sign General Characteristic and Significance

The Sagittarius is the ninth zodiac sign of the Horoscope. This is a change-loving sign. This sign indicates a long lasting growth. This sign is also called as “dual” sign. All 12 Rasi divided into 3 type Sara, Sthira and Ubaya Rasi.Sagittarius comes under a “Ubaya Rasi” among these Sign.This is the 3rd sign denoting the Fire element of Nature.  Sagittarius is a masculine sign.


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The symbol for this sign is half man and half horse. A man holds a bow and arrow in his hands. This sign is also called as an infertile sign, dry sign and night sign, as it is strong during the nights. This sign is ruled by Lord Jupiter.

This sign extends across the 240 to 270 degrees in the sky. This constellation contains the stars: Moolam ( pada 1, 2, 3, 4), Pooradam (Pada 1, 2, 3, 4), Uthiradam (pada 1).

As Lord Jupiter is the ruler of this sign, the other planets are either friendly or equable. No planet is malevolent in this sign, which is the special feature of the Dhanus Rasi. That is why people born under this Rasi are considered to be blessed by God.


The Sagittarians are usually tall, healthy looking people with chubby cheeks and good teeth. They will have a sharp, long nose and beautiful mouth. They will possess radiance and charm. They will have long curly hair and a good physique. They will look cheerful with a smiling countenance always.


Born under Jupiter, the Sagittarians will always be active and restless. They will ensure that they face no failure in their life. They take up lofty goals and try to achieve them with determination and hard work. They will overcome any obstacle placed in their path. They keep trying one thing or the other. They try to come out of any hard situation using any means available.

People born under this Rasi have a selfless, broad-minded view and thoughts about everything. They have good thoughts and ideas making them benevolent and forward-thinking They have self-confidence and determination to succeed. They are spiritual minded. Since this is a “Ubaya” Rasi, they try to analyze and understand everything in detail, determine the right and wrong, and work for the right way. They have no qualms in speaking about what they feel is right.

Sagittarius love to participate in parties and celebrations. They are intuitive and easily detect the truth about anything and champion the cause of justice. They love to undertake pilgrimages and have a deep knowledge about the religion they follow. They love to travel.

Sagittarius desire to travel to foreign places and love animals. They would have pets. Their advice would be taken up by everyone, as they hold the cause of truth, godliness, and conscience. They are selfless and others would love to call them with special celebratory names. They are ingenious and love the performing arts. They excel in the fields of acting, directing, writing and music.


Since this sign loves change, they keep changing their careers. Though the flow of money will be good, they would sometimes have no money due to lack of work. But somehow, they will get money from others. It is necessary to invest the money once it comes to their hands. Otherwise, that will be lost in needless expenses. Always maintain a low current account and a bigger savings account. Investing in immovable properties like land will do well. They will spend much for home appliances.


Since Mercury comes as lord of the 7th house for Sagittarius sing, they will get active and beautiful spouses. Mercury is a prince among the planets and is a symbol of love. With Saturn is the owner of the 2nd house, love overcoming religion, caste differences is in the cards. A person born under Sagittarius sign usually have love marriages. They will have many love affairs. Their children will be good and healthy due to the planet Mars in the 5th house for Sagittarius. Same Planet Mars also comes as an owner of the 12th house. This indicates the loss of money through unnecessary expenditures.


Sagittarius is the ninth zodiac sign in the Horoscope and hence this indicates the lower stomach region. They might have troubles with their kidneys, hips, muscles and blood vessels. Also due to Saturn, they will experience problems in their lungs, cold, asthma. Venus, lord of the 6th house also brings ailments to the head, face, teeth, tongue and eyes.

Sagittarius sign has no difficulty in procuring large loans. But they have to be careful to stay afloat. They should use their discretion in signing bails for others and taking loans for their friends and relatives. They might get large loans for investing in properties. They must take care to repay the loans consistently and gradually.


As Mercury comes as Lord of 10th house from Sagittarius Sign indicates a high position in government and reputed private companies, in the fields of communications and transport. Venus is present in the 6th House indicating a well-paying job which will result in good fortune and well-being.

Planet Mercury also comes as lord of 7th house from Sagittarius Sign. This indicates lucrative jobs with agencies, press, and advertisement related businesses. Businesses like export/import, arts, small businesses and self-employment with or without partners are a few good fields for the Sagittarians.

Though there are many diverse fields of employment now available, only a few jobs were given based on the general characteristics of the sun sign. To know the exact career predictions for a particular person, an in-depth analysis of his birth chart is essential. The planetary positions and periods will be studied to accurately predict the correct career choice for the person.

  • Sagittarius Sign Lucky Days:  Friday, Saturday
  • Sagittarius Sign Lucky Numbers: Number 6 & Number 8
  • Sagittarius Sign Lucky Colours: White, Black
  • Sagittarius Sign Lucky Stones: Diamond, Blue Sapphire


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