Scorpio Zodiac Sign General Characteristic and Significance

Horoscope explanation about Zodiac Sign Scorpio or Vrischika Rashi

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The Scorpio is the 8th zodiac sign of the Horoscope. This is a “stable” sign. This sign is also called as a “soft” sign or “equable” sign. This sign is feminine in nature and is also known as “dual” sign. This sign is represented by the element Water of Nature.

The symbol for Scorpio is the animal “scorpion”.  Hence this sign is representative of the reptilian animals. Snakes may or may not be poisonous. But scorpions are always poisonous. This sign is also called as “Kitak” Rasi. As the scorpion has multiple legs, this sign is also called as “multi-legged” sign.

Planet Mars is the ruler of this sign. This constellation (Nakshatra) spreads between 210 and 240 degrees in the sky.  This constellation consists of the following Nakshatras: Vishaka (pada 4), Anusham (pada 1, 2, 3, 4) and Kettai (pada 1, 2, 3, 4).

Mars is the ruling planet of Scorpio. The Moon is in retrograde and Saturn is maleficent in this sign. The other planets are in either a friendly or equable position.


The Scorpios are generally warm-bodied due to the ruling of Mars. They are tall, well-proportioned. Their eyes will look bloodshot always. But their eyes will be beautiful, their teeth even, their hair curly. They will be slightly plump, with a radiant face and a beaming smile.


Since this is a water sign, the Scorpios possess good intelligence and thinking capacity. They have a fertile imagination and contain the fighting spirit of Mars. They love to fight and gain victory over their obstacles. They always have a goal in their mind and keep fighting for that goal and never rest. They are always active and hardworking.

Mars is a hot planet. Hence, people born under it are liable to speak harshly. Hence their speech is discomforting to others. They speak out their mind and do not worry whether they will hurt anyone. They forget the good deeds and help done by others.

Though they look like listening to your advice, do not be fooled. A person born under Scorpio sign never follow anyone but their own thoughts. They like to project themselves as idealists or even terrorists to gather a following for them. They will not interfere in the business of others, but if any problem arises for them, they would stop at nothing to find the cause and solution. They do not finish a job immediately, but usually keep it aside and finish it at the last minute.

Because of the warring nature of Mars, Scorpios like to conquer other people and are successful in making people follow them.  They are wily and clever and can manipulate other people to follow their orders. Though they talk like they have nothing to hide, they do harbor secrets known only to them. They work their employees well, but in the process gather their ill will and hatred. They try to recoup their losses with hard work and they will succeed at this gradually.


Deva Guru Jupiter becomes Lord of 2nd House of this sign. Hence they have a steady flow of money in their hands. They always possess jewelry, money at hand. They love to invest in jewelry and the stock market. They like to buy and wear new jewelry. They know how to save small amounts of money and also have a good knowledge about saving correctly.


Venus becomes Lord of 7th house from this sign. Hence Scorpios will get good-looking spouses. Their marital life will be good and happy. They are interested in romantic matters. The Scorpio spouse will love their partners deeply and will be caring and affectionate. But they should have the quality of adjusting their behavior towards their spouse. Otherwise, conflicts will ensue which will see separation and reconciliation. It would be better for the family honor and children’s mental well-being to bend a little for the spouse. They will have good children who will be beneficial to them.


The Scorpio is the 8th sign of the zodiac and will be afflicted with mysterious illnesses. They will get problems in their carnal and reproductive regions, gall bladder, urinary bladder, eyes, head, and brain. Insomnia, nerve disorders affect them. Obesity, gall stones, kidney stones will afflict them. They are liable to mental problems related to depression. Hence it is always better to see the doctor at the start; else it will lead to bigger problems.

The people born under Scorpio sign tend to take loans with higher interest rates. They will take loans to buy jewelry, vehicles, house and land. Generally, they will have wasteful expenses due to women. They will take large loans and they get loans at the requested places. They will slowly pay off their loans, but it is better to not take such large loans in the first place.


As the Leo sign comes at the 10th position for Scorpio, they will get government related jobs with high positions. Also, Mars comes as a ruler of the 6th house indicates careers in medicine, engineering. Both the Sun and Mars indicate jobs in military, research, chemical industries, IAS, IPS, and high positions in reputed companies.

As the Venus comes ruler of the 7th zodiac sign from Scorpio indicates self-employment in the fields of cosmetics, gold, silver, jewelry and clothing, ceramic and beautiful art antiques.

An accurate prediction about the career of a person requires in-depth analysis of his birth chart. The predictions given here are general ones. Details like expanding ones’ business, changing careers, etc. depends on the periodic positions of the planets in their birth chart.

  • Scorpio Sign Lucky Days:  Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday
  • Scorpio Sign Lucky Numbers: 1, 3, 9
  • Scorpio Sign Lucky Colours: White, Yellow, Red
  • Scorpio Sign Lucky Stones: Ruby, Coral, Sapphire


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