Libra Zodiac Sign General Characteristic and Significance

Horoscope Zodiac Sign Libra or Thula Rasi Characters and Significance

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The Libra is the 7th zodiac sign of the Horoscope. Libra Sign is also called as a “Sara Rasi”.The Libra indicates the Air element of Nature. Hence this “Sara” Rashi is called as a “moving Sara” Rashi. This is a masculine sign, also called as the “lengthy” sign, the “lifeless” sign. This sign considers the day and night as equal. This sign signifies the early morning and things that are happening in the present. It is also called as “two-legged” sign.

Libra sign is represented by the symbol of a trader with scales in his hand. Hence this sun sign denotes business. Lord Venus is the Ruler of this sun sign. Hence this sign is also called as an “equalizer” sign.

Libra zodiac sign contains the following Nakshatra (constellation): Chithirai (pada 3, 4), Swathi (pada 1, 2, 3, 4), Vishakam ( pada 1, 2, 3). This constellation spans the region of 180 to 210 degrees of the zodiac sky.


The Librans (a person born under the sign of Libra) generally possess a good tall physique with beautiful, roaming eyes. They have a charming smile, beautiful teeth, muscular arms and soft hands. Their hips will be slender.


Like the scales symbol which represents Libra (Thula Rasi), the Librans are honest and just. They have a great sense of justice, law, and duty. They have the natural ability to understand, analyze and judge whether anything is correct, right or wrong. They deliver judgments that stand the test of time. The Librans listen only to their conscience and hence make good policemen, lawmakers, and judges.

They love peace and harmony. They dislike interfering in the business of others. They believe in going by their conscience. They will display their unique thoughts through their writing and speeches. They never trust easily, and delegate jobs only after much forethought. A person born under the sign of Libra never forget a help rendered and stay grateful. They will never give in to bad habits and try to stay on the right course.

They have a great interest in the arts and entertainment fields. They love to sing, write and perform. They have a good voice and a fertile imagination. They also like to dress up well and adore new clothes and ornaments.

They never forget a help given by others and make sure that anyone who needs their help gets them. They are very sympathetic and have a large heart. They even forget their problems when trying to help others. Hence others love to be with the Librans.

They can plan and execute their strategies well. They are spiritual and have religious beliefs. They tend to understand people and forgive their mistakes. They also possess wily cunning. They take pride in their work and make sure it stands out special. They take good care of their properties and are environment conscious too. They make good social workers.


Financially, they will be very well off. They will not hesitate to help others and lend their money easily. They are reluctant to ask their money back. Money flow will always be good. They do not mind spending a large amount of money for pomp and show. They are large spenders. They always land the opportunity to live in big and beautiful houses. They will possess lands, own houses, and vehicles.


The person born under the sign of Libra are normally loving and generous, making them good spouses. The love between the husband and love will be good. They are emotional and are interested in being attractive. Their romantic interests will absorb them and they do not mind crossing limits when it comes to love. As they are well-adjusted, their married life goes well. They usually get like-minded spouses, who like the good and easy life. When the husband and wife adjust to each other, they will have a peaceful married life and divorces will be rare. The presence of Mars in the 2nd (House of speech) and 7th (House of relationships) position indicates care while speaking to their spouses. The presence of Mars indicates harsh words spoken, which will be a detriment to a happy marriage. So the spouses should talk with care otherwise, their marriage will be unsatisfactory.


Lord Jupiter is present in the 6th House for Libra, which indicates problems related to the stomach, liver, and pancreas. Ailments like ulcer, obesity, boils, skin infections and eye problems, feet problems arise and go.

The presence of Jupiter in the 6th House signifies large loans. The Librans will always have one loan or other. They will take new loans to pay off old ones. They will obtain loans from all places. Signing balls and witness signatures will bring them great loss and hardship. Hence the Librans should be careful in all their dealings.


The sign Cancer comes in the 10th position for Libra. Hence the people born under the sign of Libra will get a career related to the sea, salt, and chemical businesses. The presence of Jupiter in the 6th House indicates teaching positions, judiciary, and law, banking, and insurance. The presence of Mars in the 7th House indicates self-employment in the mechanical field.

These are all general predictions for a given sign. For accurate prediction regarding career, a person’s birth time details and an in-depth analysis of his birth chart is essential.

  • Libra Sign Lucky Days:  Sunday, Monday, Thursday
  • Libra Sign Lucky Numbers: 1, 2, 3
  • Libra Sign Lucky Colours: White and Yellow
  • Libra Sign Lucky Stones: Ruby, Pearl, Yellow Sapphire


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