Virgo Zodiac Sign General Characteristic and Significance

Horoscope Zodiac Sign Virgo or Kanni Rasi Characters and Significance

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The Virgo is the 6th sign of the Horoscope. Lord Mercury is the ruler of this sign and He is the regulator of the mind and education. This sign represents the Land element of Nature. This sign is also called as a “changing” sign. This sign is feminine in its nature and is also called as a “dual” sign, “dry” sign, and “short” sign. This sign is stronger during the nights.

The symbol for Virgo is a virgin on a boat holding a pot of fire in her hands. Since the maiden is a virgin, she is also called as “Bhagavathi” or “Kanni Mary” to depict her softness. This sign also represents two-legged creatures.

This constellation contains the following stars (Nakshatra): Uthram (pada 1, 2, 3, 4), Hastham (pada 1, 2, 3, 4) and Chithirai (pada 1, 2). This sign spans the 150-180 degree of the zodiac sky.

Lord Mercury is the Virgo’s ruler, with Planet Mars in a maleficent position, Venus is debilitated in Virgo Sign and all other planets become favorable in Virgo Sign.


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Mostly the Virgos are tall and lean. They have large, magnetic eyes and nice eyebrows. They have curly hair and their voice will be pleasant. The Virgos walk fast. With Lord Mercury indicating a youthful personality, the person born under Virgo Sign generally have brown, hazel/green/gray eyes, curly hair, good-looking and youthful persona.


Mercury indicates the change. Hence Virgo is a “change-loving” sign. The Virgos are very energetic and are always on the go.  Though they behave in a very loving manner with others, they do so out of respect and courtesy for them. In reality, they may or may not have any real love for the people concerned.

They can grasp ideas and concepts easily. They will be interested in learning new things and implementing them efficiently. The people of Virgo (Kanya Rasi) have a great sense of duty. They will try to gauge which is right and try to go by them. As Lord Mercury is the head of talents like learning and mathematics, the Virgos are good at planning and executing them perfectly.

Their speech will be laced with humor and sweetness. They will expect others to emulate their level of activeness and energy. The Virgo sign stands for the career. Hence the Virgos would be obsessed with working. They would want to keep working all the time or learn new things. Read about: Kanni Lagna Significance

The Virgos are nit-picky and can find fault with others easily and ride them about it. They have difficulty in trusting people and are suspicious of everyone. Their desire to do things perfectly makes them good task-masters, who are able to extract work from others. The person born in Kanni Rasi like to be the leaders in any position that requires guidance and give good advice to everyone on how anything should be done.

The Virgos take the special interest in their food and clothes. They love to eat different cuisines, meats. They love to dress up well. The Virgos love to talk. They will take apart any topic with ingenuity and argue about them. They keep changing their priorities so often that they tend to lose perspective of the important ones.

The people born in Virgo sign love to take up several things in parallel. The Virgos like to believe that they know everything about anything and are reluctant to take advice from others. It would be best if the Virgo knows his own mind and decides only on his own. If he listens to others, the Virgo gets confused and takes wrong decisions.


The Virgo is the 6th sign, and the Virgos desire to come up only by their hard work. They do not believe in luck and would rather work hard and save efficiently. They will not spend money unnecessarily and do not lend loans easily. They hesitate to take loans and will do so only under dire circumstances. As the sign Libra comes as the 2

As the sign Libra comes as the 2nd sign for Virgo, hey will always have money flow in their hands.  They will always possess money, gadgets, and jewelry. They would take the required loans for buying house, land, and vehicles. They do not like to waste money.


Being ruled by Mercury, they give importance to brains over beauty. They are shy towards expressing their love, even miserly. The understanding between the husband and wife will increase as the marriage progresses. Though the Virgos like to fall in love, they face difficulty in fulfilling their romantic inclinations. Due to the presence of Jupiter in the 7

Due to the presence of Jupiter in the 7th position for Virgo, it is advisable to not choose their spouse for beauty, which can cause separation. The parents of Virgos are advised to keep this in mind while selecting spouses for their Virgo children. The Virgos generally have good children. The children might cause some trouble during the later years.


The Virgo represents the digestive system of the body. Hence trouble over digestion arise and go frequently. If Mercury and Mon are not in a good conjunction, it may lead to mental confusion and stress. Hence diseases concerning the liver, pancreas, stomach and nerve diseases like Parkinson’s, the stroke might appear.

They are very intelligent when taking loans. They take loans only when necessary. They might incur large loans when buying or building a house or education. But they will see to it that the loans are repaid quickly.


The presence of Mercury in the 10th House indicates a career in communications and transport. The presence of Saturn in the 6th House signifies a career in iron-related businesses, mines, manufacturing related to small businesses. It is better to avoid partnership. Take part in businesses requiring small investments like brokerage, agencies, etc.  Virgo Ascendant Significance

The exact career path suitable for the particular person depends on the planetary periods and positions occurring during his time of birth. So a birth chart is essential to correctly predict the career.

  • Virgo Sign Lucky Days:  Wednesday, Saturday
  • Virgo Sign Lucky Numbers: Number 5 & Number 8
  • Virgo Sign Lucky Colours: Green and Black
  • Virgo Sign Lucky Stones: Green Emerald, Blue Sapphire


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