Significance of Nine planets in vedic astrology

Significance of Nine grahas in vedic astrology and their Role and importance's in Astrology.

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In traditional Indian astrology only Seven Planets or Grahas (Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Mars and Mercury) are consider as actual planets. Rahu & Keu are not considered as real planets. Those are shadow planet. Western astrology have different meaning than Hindu astrology. Western astrology has incorporated Uranus, Neptune, Ceres and Pluto into its birth chart prediction and analysis. This article explain about significance of 9 planets in vedic astrology and their role and importance.

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Role and Importance of Planets in Astrology

Significance of Planet SUN

Significance of planets Sun in vedic astrology
Significance of planets Sun in vedic astrology

The Sun is a mass of hot gases, with a diameter 10 times more than that of the planet Earth. As all the planets in our solar system revolve around the Sun, we call the Sun as the Lord of our Solar System. Hence, the Sun can be considered as the leading authority in everything.

In every family, the Man or Father is the leader, around which the whole family revolves. Hence the Sun denotes the family head. Similarly our bosses and leaders can be signified by the Sun. The managers who are responsible for a job, who divide the task and oversee their completion are also representatives of the Sun.

Hence the traits of leadership, mental strength, honesty, managerial qualities, individuality, career, status, the proud bearing of oneself, ego, self-respect, politics, government, power and ambition are governed by the Sun.

The Sun is a star and hence has its own light. Only by its light do we survive. All the other planets in our Solar System just reflect its light. Hence our eyes and eyesight are ruled by the Sun. The primary organs of our body like the brain, heart and head come under the governance of the Sun. The bones form the skeleton and give shape to our body. Hence they also come under the Sun. The body temperature is also under his counsel. Hence changes in temperature relating to fever, cold and the treatments, medicines are under him.

The Ascendant is a very important aspect for every horoscope. The Ascendant is calculated by the rising of the Sun at the time of birth of a person. Hence the Ascendant and all the other Houses are thus influenced by the Sun. Importance of Planet Sun in Astrology

Thus the fate of everyone rests with the Sun. The planet Sun, thus holds the fate, the good and bad effects in everybody’s life in His hands. Likewise, He has the authority to assign the Houses to the other Planets, thus affecting the benefits, the effects that a person will face in his/her lifetime.

Sunrises, sunsets, stone, forest, lion, wheat, copper, pink lotus, the colour red, the taste spicy, ruby, Lord Shiva, the direction east all represent the Sun.  Most astrological books mention that the Sun is an inauspicious planet. But going by the symbols, one can say that the Sun is 75% auspicious.

Significance of Planet MOON

Significance of planets Moon in vedic astrology
Significance of planets Moon in vedic astrology

The moon is the satellite of planet Earth, meaning it is an astronomical body that revolves around the Earth. In any horoscope, the presence of Moon in a particular star sign makes that sign his birth sign. The constellation in which the Moon was present, at the time of a person’s birth becomes his Birth constellation or Jenma Nakshatra. We calculate the different planetary periods like dasa and bhukti using the position of the Moon.

In the astrological scale of importance of the nine planets, the Moon stands next to the Sun. If the Sun is the basis of all Life in the spiritual sense, then the Moon becomes the basis for the physical form of life.

The Moon is the fastest revolving body in our astrological system. Hence the Moon holds a significant influence over any fast thing. As the Moon is the basis of our physical body, all the food matters like vegetables, cooked food is representative of Him. Importance of Planet Moon in Astrology

The Moon is the originator of our thoughts. Hence the Moon is called the lord who starts thoughts. Hence in a manner of speaking, the Moon represents the mother, the feminine head of the family. Likewise, the maternal family of a person, also the elderly females of the family like grandmothers, sisters, aunts and others are embodiments of the Moon.

The Moon embodies water and the colour white. Hence foodstuffs like milk, yogurt and rice symbolize it. The water content in our body comes under the control of the Moon.

The Moon also controls and expresses the calm presence, mental confusion, mental illness, cold, diseases related with the cold, blood pressure related diseases, pearl, aluminium, lead, water animals, energetic nature, white silk, white umbrella, night, food items and goddess Parvathi.

Significance of Planet MARS

Significance of planets Mars in vedic astrology
Significance of planets Mars in vedic astrology

In astrology, the planet Mars is the originator for the planet Earth. He is the symbol of empty land, immovable properties. He also represents the fights due to land disputes, fighting equipment like knives, spears, arrows, guns and warfare. He is the instigator of wounds, scars, burns, breakage, pain and accidents.

He is the prime mover behind the physically strong and brave minds of men in uniform like the police, the fire fighters and army.

The planet Mars in the marriage House is the troublemaker for women. He is the instigator of fights, troubles, mental strength, temper, stubbornness, bravery, independent spirit, revolutionary spirit, using brute strength and sadistic streak. Importance of Planet Mars in Astrology

In certain positions he causes mental turmoil, panic attacks, restlessness, debt problems, betrayal, court cases, disputes, blackmail, using weapons, terrorism and corruption.

The planet Mars symbolizes heavy machinery, mechanical engineering, heavy vehicles, industries, machines, dangerous beasts, prickly plants, bushes, marshes, rocky paths, copper, coral, peppery taste and Lord Murugan.

Significance of Planet MERCURY

Significance of planets Mercury in vedic astrology
Significance of planets Mercury in vedic astrology

The planet Mercury is the controller of a person’s energy level and the speed at which he completes any task. When Mercury is in a favourable position, that person will have a higher form of intelligence, clever, energetic and fast in finishing any job. As the planet Mercury completes its revolution around the Sun faster than the other planets, it is the originator for our intelligence. Importance of Planet Mercury in Astrology

Lord Mercury favours the middle path and holds up peace in any situation. He is the instigator of poetry, mathematics, statistics, epics and statues. Since He is the prime mover behind speedy actions, communications like post, telecommunications, internet, radio and television, books and transport come under His domain.

Mercury is the ruler of the nerves and emotions. He is the One who looks after the planning, making strategic decisions and dispute resolving. Talents like public communications, oratory skills, general knowledge, expertise in anything, detailed artistry, making agreements, mimicry, poetry, the skill of conforming one’s actions, agents, research, the colour green, researching ability, clever humor, flexible behaviour, grammatical knowledge, the metal bronze  all come under his domain.

Significance of Planet JUPITER

Significance of planets Jupiter in vedic astrology
Significance of planets Jupiter in vedic astrology

The planet Jupiter is the largest planet in the astrological solar system. Hence the instiller of large-heartedness is Jupiter. The noble traits like calmness, culture, discipline, mentoring others, justice, honesty, respect, belief in God are provided by this Planet.

The planet Jupiter stands for teacher or Guru, one who shows the path towards enlightenment. Hence He is the prime mover behind religious leaders, teachers, great philosophers, teachers, religious workers and spiritual leaders. This particular planet is the instigator of many good qualities.

Jupiter is related with all the spiritual quests. In basic astrology such as Nadi astrology, the Jupiter is the originator of the soul or life. The colour yellow comes under his dominion. Even though Jupiter is not the prime mover of marriage for both, men and women, His presence is a critical aspect when it comes to undertaking marriage. Importance of planet Jupiter in Astrology

Jupiter is the ruler of financial benefits. As yellow is symbolic of this planet, the most precious metal for humans, gold also comes under his dominion. As Jupiter instils the quality of honesty, jobs like the judiciary, upholding the law and order, judges and courts come under Him. Fat is a necessary part of our diet; it also makes us appear strong and bigger. So, fat is also iconic of Jupiter, the largest planet.

The planet Jupiter symbolizes our past, austerity, culture, tradition, prayers, theism, temples, knowledge of the shastras, temples of meditation and mantra worship, educational institutions, a bigger physical constitution, God Dhakshinamurti, elephant, mentors and guidance counsellors.

Significance of Planet VENUS

Significance of planets Venus in vedic astrology
Significance of planets Venus in vedic astrology

If the planet Jupiter is concerned with the attainment of spiritual enlightenment, then the planet Venus is the giver of all materialistic happiness. Everything physical and beautiful, like beauty, elegance, love, gentleness, charm can be ascribed to Venus. As all these can be seen in women, especially the young maidens, Venus can be called as a feminine planet. Importance of planet Venus in Astrology

The money in one’s hands, the gold ornaments, gadgets and black money are all dependent on the blessings of Venus. Silver is the metal associated with this planet. Of the six types of taste, the sweet taste is linked to Venus.

As the physical pleasures of this world are the work of Lord Venus, the sperms and the feminine discharge released during intercourse, the hormonal levels, the level of attraction, enhancing the masculine and feminine qualities, heterosexual or homosexual tendencies are all controlled by this planet.

A happy marriage, extramarital affairs, extravagant living, enjoying one’s life, jobs involving charm and allure like cinema, theatre, writing, dancing, dress designing, make up, singing and prostitution, In relations representative of the wife, high end liquors, diamond and Goddess Mahalakshmi are symbolic of Venus.

Significance of Planet SATURN

Significance of planets Saturn in vedic astrology
Significance of planets Saturn in vedic astrology

According to astrology, Saturn is the farthest planet in the solar system. Saturn is responsible for lateness and is also called as the slow planet. This planet is responsible for mental slowness, physical sloth, lazy people, and people with special needs, elderly and people with aged looks.

As Saturn can slow down the time at which life leaves a body, this planet is also called as the giver of Life. This planet looks dark and as black is associated with darkness; this colour is symbolic of Saturn.

People in the low rungs of life, slaves, people with humble attitude, people with low self-confidence, people living in slovenly conditions, those who use hand-outs, people for whom the ruling contingent is always out of reach are under the control and influence of Saturn. Importance of planet Saturn in Astrology

Only when the employees are willing to do their work can a company run smoothly. Hence Saturn is also called as the ruler of the career House. Saturn is responsible for the pain, troubles and death one faces in his/her life. The metal iron which is dark in colour is representative of this planet.

Saturn is responsible for male/female infertility. This planet represents night-shift jobs, falsehood, miserliness, coins, poverty, handicap, getting cheated upon, calm domestic animals, lower caste, stroke, relentless hard work, cleverness, losing one’s fortunes, loss, philosophy, blue stones like sapphire and God Aiyanar.

Significance of Planet RAHU

Significance of planets Rahu in vedic astrology
Significance of planets Rahu in vedic astrology

The North Node is a shadow planet; it comes into existence during the eclipses. Hence the shadowy matters like ghosts, apparitions, violent presences, black magic and voodoo come under this planet.  Rahu is responsible for blowing anything into a big thing. Hence North Node is also called as the grandiose planet or ugly planet. As the ghosts are supposed to be ugly, Rahu gets to be called that.

In ancient astrology, the South and North Nodes are considered to have a partly reptilian(snake) body. So, this planet becomes the originator for reptilian and poisonous creatures.  This planet is also responsible for male/female infertility due to their partly reptilian bodies. Importance of planet Rahu in Astrology

Since the North Node represents the large, grandiose things, it also represents the Universe. This planet also symbolizes foreign places, travel, foreign languages and other religions. As this is a shadowy planet, cinema, photography and electricity are symbolic of Rahu/ North Node.

The North Node represents jails, the breath, allergies that disfigure the looks of a person, wide vessels, foreign relations, import/export, exaggeration, cheating, eccentric behaviour, cancer, elders, grandmother, grandfather, the stone hessonite and Goddess Durga.

Significance of Planet KETU

Significance of planets Ketu in vedic astrology
Significance of planets Ketu in vedic astrology

The South Node is a shadow planet just like the North Node. In contrary to the exaggerating quality of the North Node, the South Node seeks to belittle, break or destroy anything. Like the tapering end of a snake’s tail, this shadow planet belittles the ego of a man. Hence in ancient astrology, Ketu is called as the instigator of a person’s spiritual thirst.

Like the North Node, the South Node represents poisonous and addictive substances, especially drugs like abin, heroin and marijuana. Importance of planet Ketu in Astrology

As the South Node symbolises breakage, cutting, destruction, the terrorists, naxals, revolutionaries, agitators, blackmailers, fireworks, bombs, chemicals, obstacles and shady activities are influenced by Ketu.

The planet Ketu symbolises poverty, religious beliefs, philosophy, spiritual enlightenment, religious knowledge. mental strength, solitude, penance, wounds, scars, burns,  the body acidity, medicine, the silent penance, black magic, voodoo, communication with ghosts and spirits, separationists,  divorce, undetectable phonies, troubles, God Ganesh and  Cat’s Eye stone.



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