Characteristics of 12 houses (Bhavas) of Horoscope Zodiac and their Role and importance's in Vedic Astrology.

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  • Characteristics of first house | Bhava
  • Characteristics of Second house | Bhava
  • Characteristics of third house | Bhava
  • Characteristics of fourth house | Bhava
  • Characteristics of fifth house | Bhava
  • Characteristics of sixth house | Bhava
  • Characteristics of Seventh house | Bhava
  • Characteristics of eighth house | Bhava
  • Characteristics of Ninth house | Bhava
  • Characteristics of tenth house | Bhava
  • Characteristics of eleventh house | Bhava
  • Characteristics of twelfth house | Bhava

Characteristics of 1st House

The Ascendant forms the First House of a person’s natal chart. The rising sphere of the Sun and a person’s time of birth decide the Ascendant. In the human physiognomy, the Ascendant denotes the top parts of the head like the forehead and the brain.

Like the brain controlling the body, the Ascendant controls the other Houses. The Ascendant is the deciding factor for the position and influence of all the other Houses in the birth chart. The brain is the seat of Life. Likewise, the Ascendant denotes the Life of a person. A person’s characteristics and general physical traits are refined and formed according to the Ascendant. Characteristic Aries Zodiac Sign

Leaders, people with leadership qualities, respectable people talented individuals, can be identified by their First House.

A person’s thoughts, efforts, work quality, health, large-heartedness, discipline, fame, managerial qualities, success in any line of work, success or failure, masculine or feminine qualities, immunity, ego, giving importance to self-respect rather than money, establishing their pride by losing money as come under the domain of the First House.

Characteristics of 2nd House

The Second House denotes the eyes, nose, mouth, throat, tongue, teeth, chin and cheeks of the Human physiognomy. The ability to communicate well with speech, eyesight, ability to eat well and charming face are under the dominion of the Second House. Characteristic Taurus Zodiac Sign

Monetary matters like the money flow, the cash in hand, wealth, the ability to earn money, liquefiable properties, the fortune of living comfortably and the money required for life are controlled by the Second House.

The 3rd House denotes immovable properties and documents. The documents are required for possessing any property. But the 2nd House deals with ready money that does not require any documents. This House deals with properties that can be readily cashed without any hassle.

The Ascendant denotes the characteristics of a person. But the Second House represents his family members too. The money flow, early education, maternal uncles and the ability to eat rich food are all looked after by the Second House.Significance of Nine planets in Vedic astrology

Characteristics of 3rd House

The ears, shoulders, the nerves and blood vessels that radiate downwards from the neck and the sensory organs are represented by the Third House of a person’s natal chart. While the Second House deals with the talent of speech, this House deals with the talent of writing. Hence all written communications, information, agreements, and telecommunications come under the reign of the Third House.

Short distance travels, neighbors, nearby states, cities, and neighborly countries, loss of property, selling and bartering are denoted by this House. Characteristics of Gemini Zodiac Sign

The mental ability to learn during the early education, intelligence, short distance travels, roads, cycles, bus, post, post office, telephone, television, mobile phones, internet, restricting anything, symbols, certificates, cheques, books,  judging, panchayats, envoys, journalism,  advertisement,  library, press, lease, gossip, complaining, confusion of the mind, mental troubles, the trait of adding something to anything are under the influence of this House.

Characteristics of 4th House

The autonomous organs like the lungs, heart, kidney, a person’s immovable and movable properties, having the house and other properties in their native place, whether a person will live his life in his native place are guided by this House. Characteristics of Cancer sign

The 5th House looks after the emotions and sense of the beauty of a person. The 4th House, which comes in the 12th position to the Fifth House, controls the traits opposite to the 5th House.

Atheism, radical and revolutionary ways of thinking, shunning freebies and donations to improve their wealth, using something without thinking about it or reflect on the deeper meaning, routine life, living in the native place without any travel and such come under the Fourth House. Significance of Twelve Lagna in Vedic astrology

The Fourth House represents the mother, early education, house, land, grain farms, personal life, treasures, mines, household items, the place where stolen goods are kept, ancestral properties, well, lake, river, and graveyard.

Characteristics of 5th House

The Fifth House controls the heart, the back, hormones, sperm and vaginal liquid production. The ability to spawn children, child born, entertainment, making oneself look beautiful, taste, enjoyment, interest in arts, living without any physical strain, deep thinking, interest in physical intimacy, getting things done without much effort, falling easily for charm, falling in love, romantic thinking, emotions, imaginary thoughts. Leo Zodiac Sign General Characteristic and Significance Leo Zodiac Sign General Characteristic and Significance

Too much indulgence in the Fifth House will bring down the efforts and physical well-being of a person which come under the rule of the 6th and 10th House. The 5th House is in the 12th position for the 6th House and looks after the opposite traits of career, physical work, debt, disease, cases, and enmity.

Characteristics of 6th House

The Sixth House of a person’s natal chart looks after the stomach, digestive system, liver, all kinds of diseases, their medicines, cures, and doctors. Virgo Zodiac Sign General Characteristic and Significance

The 6th House comes in the 12th position for the 7th House which looks after the opposite traits of equal personalities, sharing physical intimacy, marriage, affairs, public relations, living in accordance with the society.

The Sixth House denotes having wretched workers, slaves, pets, domestic animals, people who win over the person and others who the person can charm. Divorce, separation, no physical intimacy, bachelordom are indicated by this House. Nine grahas and their importance in Vedic astrology

The Sixth House aspects the opportunity of working for others, monthly salary, employees, disease, litigations, miserliness, greed, arrogance, boasting, cheating others, winning by deceit, trying to do better than others, loneliness, disregarding others and increasing enemies. Virgo Zodiac Sign General Characteristic and Significance

Characteristics of 7th House

The lower stomach region, the middle part of the body, belly button, kidneys, and uterus are represented by the Seventh House. The Ascendant denotes the general characteristics of a person. The 7th House is in an equivalent position to the Ascendant and hence symbolizes people who are equivalent to a particular person.

It may be the spouse, according to the ancient astrologers; it may also represent people important to a person like a mother, father, the grandparents, elderly uncles, aunties, children, and siblings. Libra Zodiac Sign General Characteristic and Significance

As the 7th House shows people who play important role in their personal life, this House denotes sharing with others, their customers, public relations, social recognition, whether a person will be casual to approach or stand-offish and whether a person can be easily cheated. Libra Zodiac Sign General Characteristic and Significance

The information regarding a person’s spouse, their characteristics, public support, public meetings, information about thieves, physical intimacy with opposite sex, long-term relationships, business partners, a person’s open-mindedness, collaborating with others, the second child, respecting the views of others and dependency on others and such can be read from the Seventh House.

Characteristics of 8th House

The Eighth House determines the length of a person’s lifetime. The pains, troubles, travails, bad luck, accidents, hard work, loss of belongings, failure of a body organ and despair are under the control of the 8th House.

If there are no good aspects in the 8th House, it will result in insurmountable hardships, hard work with no results, wayward behavior, things going awry, bringing dishonor and bad reputation, working hard to achieve even easy things, no recognition for their talents, hard work going to waste. Libra Zodiac Sign General Characteristic and Significance. Scorpio Zodiac Sign General Characteristic and Significance

Suicide, untimely death, accidents, destruction to body parts, robbery, problems due to enemies, all kinds of obstacles, getting a bad name for just being in the wrong place at the wrong time, loss of property, insurance, children, dowry, huge debts, working in odd jobs despite having good education, surgeries, money from dead relatives, attack of many diseases all at once, painful or chronic diseases, obtaining black market substances, corruption, bad temper, loss of father at an early age, natural disasters, warfare,  unforeseen good luck and mishaps,  a cursed life or lack of divine help are all factors influenced by the 8th House.

Characteristics of 9th House

The ninth House talks about the positive aspects of a person’s life; like honesty, beliefs, loyalty, spiritual beliefs, empathy, humanity, researching abilities, conscience, learning spiritual lessons, religious beliefs, donations, martyr nature and higher education.

The 9th House appears as behind the triads of the 2nd, 6th and the 10th Houses and the 8th, 4th and 12th Houses, Hence if the 9th House is unfavorable, it will prevent a person from taking up any occupation. It will also denote the father and paternal relations. Scorpio Zodiac Sign General Characteristic and Significance

Large-heartedness, planning, long-distance travel, pilgrimages, sea travel, air travel, foreign travel, unknown people, higher education, university, nature, the blessings of God, temple, church, mosque, family deity, respectable people, teacher, overseas news, radio, television, wireless communication, communication with the spirit world, worldly knowledge, law and order, judiciary, fair judges,  export, import, global trade, ancestral properties, loss of money, business, the good and bad karma accrued in previous births are the traits coming under the Ninth House. Sagittarius Zodiac Sign General Characteristic and Significance

Characteristics of 10th House

In the human body, the Tenth House denotes the lower parts like thighs, organs that function all the time like kidneys and intestines. The triad denoting the karma of a person is the triad of the 2nd, 6th and 10th Houses. This is the House symbolizing a person’s career. A person’s career signifies the respect, success, social status a person will gain from his work. Sagittarius Zodiac Sign General Characteristic and Significance

In the 12 Houses of a person’s natal chart, the 10th House plays a crucial role. It is called as the peak House, as it signifies the career of a person. For a person to be successful in his career, the aspects of his 10th House play an important role. A strong 10th House will empower a person to hold on to top positions. Capricorn Zodiac Sign General Characteristic and Significance

Lifestyle, salary, career related status, managerial skills, duty, taking care of parents, dissatisfied nature, government Jobs, wealth of spouse, trouble for younger siblings, monetary losses of elder siblings, taking up leadership of social welfare organisations, adopted children, information regarding the mother-in-law, diseases afflicting the children, involvement in producing something continuously are all features governed by the 10th House.

Characteristics of 11th House

The 11th House signifies the feeling of the content of a person. As the 11th House comes in the 12th position for the 12th House, it denoted capabilities opposite to that of the 12th House, thus it is favorable with the Ascendant House.

Hence the 11th House consists of characteristics opposite to that of the 12th House features like loss, failures, investments, trapped in a locked position, incomprehensible secrets, low self-confidence, ballooning expenses, and obstacles. Capricorn Zodiac Sign General Characteristic and Significance

The 3rd House denotes the next level growth or evolution of a person. By that calculation, the 11th House denotes the elderly siblings. Aquarius Zodiac Sign General Characteristic and Significance

As the 11th House comes in the 7th position for the 5th House, it will denote the characteristics of the spouses of their children, that is, their son-in-law and daughter-in-law. Pisces Zodiac Sign General Characteristic and Significance

The 11th House indicates the interests, liking, aims, goals, victory, body immunity, close friends, allies and well-wishers, false friendships, saving tendency, the ripening of one’s hard work, contentment after success, groups with like thinking friends, meetings, paternal uncles, higher education, gaining complete knowledge, obtaining Ph.D. in any course, intelligence, parliament, courts, state assemblies, corporations, municipalities, curing of diseases and return from hospital stays.

Characteristics of 12th House

The Twelfth House denotes the feet and the waste produced by the body. The Houses 6th, 8th and 12th are called as the malefic Houses or the dark Houses in ancient astrology. Pisces Zodiac Sign General Characteristic and Significance

The 12th House indicates the final outcome of all the efforts put in by a person. The aspects of the 12th House indicate the end of a person’s birth, the completion of his birth cycle and attainment of Nirvana or eternal bliss. Hence this House is called as the End House. Aquarius Zodiac Sign General Characteristic and Significance

The 12th House symbolizes brain failure, loss of self-confidence, solitude, loneliness, stagnant work nature, living in the shadows, living in exile, banned from society, jails, orphanages, all kinds of obstacles, losses, uncontrolled expenditure, taking loans with higher interest rates, repaying debts, trying to stave off shadowy enemies, imprisoned in secret prisons, hospital stay, all kinds of punishments, fines and renouncing worldly life.

At the same time, the Twelfth House shows the change of location, foreign travel, living in different conditions, getting the citizenship of other countries, investing in properties, leasing off their work to others, secondary jobs, franchising jobs, completion of jobs and discovering new things.

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