Significance of Twelve Ascendant (Lagna) in vedic astrology

Ascendant overview and Role and Significance of 12 Lagna in Vedic Astrology

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Ascendant | Lagna – An Overview

The Ascendant or Lagna is the sign (moon sign/ Rasi) which is rising on the eastern hemisphere at sunrise during the time of one’s birth. The Ascendant will represent a person’s personality or the manner how everyone else views that person. Hence the Ascendant plays a very important role in an individual’s life. Let us see about the different Ascendants and how they represent the personality of a person.

Significance of Aries Ascendant (Mesha Lagnam)

The individuals with Aries as the ascendant will be quick to temper, hasty and always look tensed. They never back off, even if they are against the head honchos.  They are proud and hold on to their self-respect. They will plunge into anything once they take the decision and never hold back. Mostly, Aries ascendant are naive and get cheated easily. They always aim for the highest peaks and keep trying to reach it tirelessly. They love their family and friends. In short, the Aries Ascendants are like Karna without his golden armour.

Significance of Taurus Ascendant (Rishabha Lagnam)

The Taurus Ascendants have charming faces. They are excellent speakers and workers. Their actions benefit others more rather than benefiting the Taurus lagna. They carry more than their share of burden, be it home or at work. They love to dress well. They are hard-workers, spend sparingly and lovers of art. They climb steadily up in their lives. The Taurus Ascendants can be called as the load-bearers of the world.

Significance of Gemini Ascendant (Mithuna Lagnam)

This is the sign of the twins. Like their symbol, they take up double stands in everything they undertake, find out which way leads to success and are experts at holding on to the right choice. They are very brave, intelligent and clever. They can twist their words to mean anything they wish. They never give in to anyone. They gain good positions later in their life and will live comfortably. They will be popular and well-connected. In short, the Gemini Ascendants are the gatekeepers of luxury.

Significance of Cancer Ascendant (Kataka Lagnam)

The Cancer Ascendants can turn anything to their favor and succeed. They have a dominant way of speaking. They land up in powerful positions. Their spouses might cause them problems. They are well-connected with the people and government circles. They will gain success after 45 years of age. They are chameleon-like in changing their behavior according to the situation.

Cancer lagna have unshakable self-confidence and mental strength. They make their own path. As time goes on, the people around them will watch them in awe, as they blaze the trails and succeed. But, except a few, most of them have an unhappy married life and unsatisfactory relations. In short, they are the leaders at both home and politics

Significance of Leo Ascendant (Simha Lagnam)

The Leo Ascendants are dominant, quick to temper, bold, fast and reclusive and trailblazers. Though they are brave at heart, they lose their mental peace over small matters. They never give up anything for anyone. This stubborn streak causes friction in their relationships, especially with their spouses. Due to their lack of easy-going nature they find it difficult to get along with partners, friends and spouses.  Final word is they are the kings of the lonely planet.

Significance of Virgo Ascendant (Kanni Lagnam)

They have a kind of attraction, youthful appearance, charming of speech, unshakeable hold over people, business sense and ingenuity. Though they might lose their immovable possessions at some point in life, they will regain them over the course of time.

Virgo lagna have a distant relationship with their siblings. They might have problems, losses from their spouse side of family. They might be afflicted with Putra Dosha. They might have to shell out a lot for medical expenses. They might get some relief by raising cows or by offering prayers to cows. In short, the Virgos are elegant.

Significance of Libra Ascendant (Thula Lagnam)

The Libran Ascendants can make anyone do their dictate, even if they are their superiors. They are honest, stubborn and selfish people. They get caught up in some kind of worldly vice like women, money or possessions. They interact with people in some level always.

Libra lagna have a great business sense and spend intelligently. Usually they get opportunities for multiple business dealings. They tend to shout out loud. Though their logic is undeniable, they are indecisive people. The Libra Ascendants are nonstop contributors.

Significance of Scorpio Ascendant (Vrichika Lagnam)

The Scorpio Ascendant is the one who is well-known to everyone. They solve the problems of others easily. They respect their parents and this will take them up in life. They are very sharp and undertake Himalayan tasks boldly and complete them successfully.

Scorpio lagna will be well-endowed with money, vehicles and the other riches of life. They shine well in government posts and in politics. Their mental peace lessens with their every step of boldness and confidence. They will progress well after their marriage. In short, Scorpio Ascendant means ruler of the universe.

Significance of Sagittarius Ascendant (Dhanu Lagnam)

The Sagittarius Ascendant means business with no second thoughts. They have everything like boldness, self-confidence, pride and ego in cupfuls. They are loud-mouthed and come off very strongly. Though it might look as if they listen to other’s viewpoints, but in reality they think very highly of themselves and do not care what others really say. They cut-off others in mid flow to emphasize their views.

Sagittarius lagna are big talkers and stand very strong on their opinions and do not apologize. They are physically very strong and are hard-workers. Their father would be highly respected in the society. They have a very good business sense and prefer self-employment over working for others. They never accept anything for what it is. They will analyse it in detail and grudgingly accede it. Final word on them: Warriors.

Significance of Capricorn Ascendant (Makara Lagnam)

The Capricorn Ascendants are silent even when they are raging volcanoes in the inside. They never share their problems with others. They are tight-lipped when it comes to keeping secrets. They work patiently for success. Most of them have their share of disagreements with their fathers.

Capricorn lagna thoughts and actions have that stealth quality that baffles people. They are poker-faced and though they look mild they become raging bulls once provoked. The Capricorn Ascendants are mountains when it comes to patience.

Significance of Aquarius Ascendant (Kumba Lagnam)

The Aquarius Ascendants are highly talented but do not get the opportunities they deserve.  Others come up using the Aquarian skills. They are highly respectable and hard workers. In reality, they deserve the actual accolades. Their health and well-being will be on and off .Their wives will be dominant.

Aquarius lagna incomes usually rise after their marriage. They will get house, land and other properties, more than they ever dreamed of. They are creative thinkers and new ideas keep popping in their mind. In short the person born in Aquarius ascendant are like the reflection of the Moon.

Significance of Pisces Ascendant (Meena Lagnam)

The Pisces Ascendants have an ascetic outlook and are not attached to anything. They have a thirst for the spiritual and have an awareness of everything in this world. Sometimes, because of their simple nature, they might get conned. They have a very simple taste in everything and are patient. Usually their spouse is the decisive force and takes care of the family.

Pisces lagna cannot be categorized into anything and are a species apart. They are very interested in learning about the supernatural and other worldly knowledge. From my experience, the Pisces Ascendants usually go after money in their first half and then search for spiritual enlightenment. Final word: The Pisces Ascendants are divers in the sea of the Cosmic Ocean.


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