Nine Planets (Grahas) and thier importance in vedic astrology

Planets | Grahas in Astrology

Planets in Indian astrology have different meaning than planets in modern western astrology. In Hindu astrology only nine planets are considered when analyzing birth chart calculation. But in western astrological tradition some modern planets are also consider for birth chart analysis.

Planets in Indian Astrology:

  1. Sun
  2. Moon
  3. Mars
  4. Mercury
  5. Saturn
  6. Jupiter
  7. Venus
  8. Rahu (Lunar North Node)
  9. Ketu (Lunar South Node)

“Here Rahu and Ketu are not actual planets. Those are dust which are formed from other planet movement”

Modern Planets in Western Astrology

  1. Uranus
  2. Neptune
  3. Pluto
  4. Ceres

Below is the list of the planets and their significance.

Importance of Planet Sun in Astrology

Importance | Significance of Planet Sun (Suriyan)
Planet Sun

Planet Sun is the Governor of the planets, the Prime planet, the planet of Light, the Father planet. When the placement and the aspect of the Sun are constructive, with the favorable gaze of Lord Jupiter, it will be beneficial. The person with such a good planetary position in his charts will obtain influential friends and monetary benefits.

Any person with the beneficial configuration of the full Moon in his birth chart will earn fame in this world easily. When the sign Leo is not in a beneficiary House or if the North Node related planetary period is occurring in his life, he will suffer from maligning of name, dishonor, trouble from his dad, government, loss of income and other such misfortunes.

When the North Node (Rahu) is in conjunction with the Sun in the Houses of 1, 4, 7 and 10, the planetary ruling period of the Sun will not be beneficial. However, the person can expect good things when the North Node is in the ruling period. The Sun stands in the 7th position when it comes to the list of highly beneficial astrological planets.

Ruling Sign: Leo sign

Exaltation: Aries Sign 

Debilitation:  Libra sign

Importance of Planet Moon in Astrology

Importance | Significance of Planet Moon (Chandra)
Planet Moon

In Hindu astrology, we calculate the date, time and sign using the Moon. The Moon plays a very important role in our astrology, where the Moon sign is used to analyse a person’s birth chart, compared to the western astrologers who prefer the Sun sign.

The Moon refers to a person’s mother, his thoughts, ideas, actions and body. It has two phases, the growing phase and the declining phase. His ruling period lasts 10 years.  If He is in his growing phase at the start of His rule, He will confer benefits in the first 5 years and misfortunes in the next five years.

The declining phase of the Moon during his reign indicates misfortunes during the first 5 years and benefits during the last five years. But if the Moon is in conjunction will a benefice planet, He will shower the person with good fortune throughout His reign. If Saturn, Rahu (North Node)  or Ketu (South Node) which are the prime malefic planets, are in conjunction with Lord Moon or if Lord Moon is in the malefic houses of 3, 6, 8 and 12, He will not be beneficial.

It is best if the ruling period (dasa) of Lord Moon occurs during the early or later phase of a person’s life, instead of occurring in the middle age. If the Moon is malefic, He will cause mental illness, wavering mind, ascetic lifestyle and ill-health for his mother, indecisive lifestyle. For the well-being of any person, the Moon should be beneficial and not malefic. In the list of beneficiary planets, the Moon is in the 8th position.


Rules: Cancer Sign 

Exaltation: Taurus Sign

Debilitation: Scorpio Sign

Importance of Planet Mars in Astrology

Importance | Significance of Planet Mars (Mangal)
Planet Mars

No other planet can equal Lord Mars, when it comes to blessing a person with courage, mental toughness and the fighting spirit. When a person undergoes the ruling period of Lord Mars, he will be blessed with jobs that require prodigious courage and ready-to-do-anything spirit like politics, military, sports, etc.

When Lord Mars goes into ascension during this period, the person will be victorious and receive higher posts and promotions. When Lord Mars is in a beneficial position in the Ascendant, that person will receive promotions, great incomes and exalted positions during the 7 year reign of Lord Mars. At the same time, when Lord Mars is weak or in retrograde, He will cause marriages to break up, loss of job, money, position, unnecessary fighting, accidents and even death.

If Lord Mars does not appear in conjunction with other planets and is placed in a beneficial position, He will bless the person in a superior manner during his dasa or ruling period. In the list of beneficiary planets, He is in the 6th position.

“Mars is the owner of Aries and Scorpio sign, exalted in Capricorn sign and debilitated in Cancer


Rules: Aries SignScorpio Sign

Exaltation: Capricorn Sign

Debilitation: Cancer Sign

Importance of Planet Mercury in Astrology

Importance | Significance of Planet Mercury (Budha)
Planet Mercury

When Lord Mercury appears in conjunction with any planet, like adding fuel to the fire, He will increase the beneficiary aspect of that other planet. The Lord Mercury will confer good benefits even if He is in a retrograde, malefic or debilitated position.

Lord Saturn, Jupiter, North Node and Lord Venus confer benefits only when they are in the ascension period of their reign. But if Lord Mercury is present in a good House and receives the beneficiary gaze of Lord Jupiter, He will bless the individual with good fortune throughout His reign.

Lord Mercury oversees the fields of education, speech, business sense and cleverness of a person and rules these aspects. Lord Mercury stands 5th in the line of the beneficiary planets for humans.


Rules: Gemini SignVirgo Sign

Exaltation: Virgo Sign

Debilitation: Pisces Sign

Importance of Planet Jupiter in Astrology

Importance | Significance of Planet Jupiter (Guru)
Planet Jupiter Guru

Lord Jupiter is the complete benefice planet among al the astrological planets.  When an individual is undergoing the reign of Lord Jupiter He will ensure that the person can earn only by honest means. There is a saying about Lord Jupiter: “He will not shower His blessings, but sprinkle them”.

Lord Jupiter, being wise, blesses the individuals according to their need and not according to their desires. He is magnanimous in forgiving a person’s misdeeds, but does give difficulties for them to learn a good lesson and leaves his reign by placing the person in a beneficial position.

One can notice good behaviour, cultured manner and thoughts in an individual during the reign of Lord Jupiter. When He is placed in the Houses of Taurus, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius and is present in a Trine or Square in the birth Ascendant chart, He is highly beneficial. In the list of beneficiary planets, He stands next to Saturn, North Node and Venus.


Rules: Sagittarius SignPisces Sign

Exaltation: Cancer Sign

Debilitation: Capricorn Sign

Importance of Planet Venus in Astrology

Importance | Significance of Planet Venus
Planet Venus

Whenever anyone gets rich suddenly, everyone says that “Venus must be reigning in his natal chart now”. Such is the power of Lord Venus. When Lord Venus is in a benefice position, He showers good fortune like no other planet.  He is the ruler of the House of worldly pleasures.

He is the one who deluges an individual with house, wealth, women and other worldly goods. Because of this, everyone long for the favourable reign of Lord Venus in their lives. But what one receives in His reign, will be mostly lost after His reign ends. Too much of anything is good for nothing. Similarly, when one has an overdose of the worldly pleasures, he forgets the real purpose of Life.

When a man loses himself to materialistic joys and becomes a slave of bad habits like gambling, addiction, women, it is due to the influence of Lord Venus. In the line of beneficiary planets, Lord Venus stands next to Lord Saturn and North Node.


Rules: Taurus SignLibra Sign

Exaltation: Pisces Sign

Debilitation: Virgo Sign

Importance of Planet Saturn in Astrology

Importance | Significance of Planet Saturn
Planet Saturn

Lord Saturn reigns supreme among all the other planets in conferring riches or calamity on any individual. Any famous personality in our society, be it politicians, actors, businessmen, industrialists, they have some form of Lord Saturn’s blessings, in one way or other.

When we examine the lives of people who had everything but lost them all, Lord Saturn would have been malefic. Lord Saturn blesses anyone after judging his past karma. When He blesses, He showers riches like no other, which last for 3 generations.  Likewise, if He punishes, those effects will last 3 generations. Hence by doing good deeds, one can accrue good karma which will tide us through our lives.


Rules: Capricorn SignAquarius Sign

Exaltation: Libra Sign

Debilitation: Aries Sign

Importance of Planet Rahu (North Node/ Serpent’s Head) in Astrology

Importance | Significance of Planet Rahu
Planet Rahu

Lord North Node is almost equivalent to Lord Saturn when it comes to blessing a person with either good fortune or misfortune. He is the reason why some people become addicted to women or drugs. His ruling period is 18 years; if the first half is beneficial, the last half will be rocky and vice-versa.

For a person to have a good life under Lord North Node’s reign, he should have accrued good karma through his ancestors. That is the reason why they say:” the seeds planted in one’s lifetime will give shade to their children”. So doing good deeds builds up a store of good karma for your children, which will help them in their times of distress, even if you are not around to help them.

Rahu | Lunar North Node

Rules: Doesn’t own any sign.

Exaltation: Scorpio Sign

Debilitation: Taurus Sign

Importance of Planet Ketu (South Node/ Serpent’s Tail) in Astrology

Importance | Significance of Planet Ketu
Planet Ketu

Lord South Node is the strongest of all the planets. He can never be controlled by any other planet. Even the large planetary bodies like Jupiter, Sun and Moon do not stand a chance against the combined conjunction of North Node and South Node.

Lord Jupiter can mildly control the North and South Node in with his gaze on 5th and 9th Houses. The South Node can stop the gazes of any other planet present along with it. He houses all problems wherever He rules; hence during His reign, an individual will face a sea of endless difficulties.

When the South Node reign is on, the gaze of Lord Jupiter on the 3, 6 and 11th Houses will make things slightly better. During His rule, Lord South Node makes a person lose everything, makes him go in search of the Divine Truth, taking him to higher levels of spirituality. Nevertheless, it is better if one does not undergo the rule of the South Node in his life. Hence in the list, if beneficiary planets, it is befitting to place Him in the last position.

Ketu | Lunar South Node

Rules: Doesn’t own any sign.

Exaltation: Scorpio Sign

Debilitation: Taurus Sign


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