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Impotency in Vedic astrology

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Planets which are represents impotency in the birth chart.

  1. Planet Moon represents the mind.
  2. Both planets Saturn and Mercury are the impotent planets.
  3. Planet Ketu represents disinterest planet
  4. Planet Venus represents sexual organ and activity
  5. Planet Mars represents sexual energy
  6. Ascendant and its lord represent physical abilities of the person.

Some importance planetary combination for Impotency in astrology

·         When the 7th house and its lord are afflicted in the birth chart then impotency can be seen.

·         When planet Venus badly afflicted then the person will have disturbed pleasure.

Some of the planetary combination for disinterest in sex life

·         Planet Mars governs sex life in the female horoscope. When planet Mars associates or aspects Mercury and Saturn, it will create disinterest in sex life for female.

·         Badly afflicted planet Moon also creates disinterest in sex life.

·         Placement of Planet Saturn in Cancer Sign or 12th Sign makes native impotent.

·         Aspects or Placement of malefic Saturn and Mercury in 7th house cause the impotency for native.

·         Aspects or conjunction of malefic Saturn and Mercury on Venus and Libra sign also cause the impotency for native.

·         Ketu conjunction with Moon and lord of Ascendant also creates disinterest or impotency for native.

·         Lord of Ascendant and Ascendant is aspects by Malefic Saturn and Mercury will create disinterest with partner and person will not enjoy much please with the partner.

·         Lord of 7th house or 7th house is placed between malefic planets their intimacy life with the partner become miserable.


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