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Today I will show you some more secrets of Rahu and Ketu. We all know that Rahu Ketu has strong connection with our past karmas. Please note down the Rashis of Rahu and Ketu in your chart.
Suppose in your chart Rahu is in Aries and Ketu in Libra. Every year Sun will cross Rahu Zone Aries between 15 April to 15 May and Ketu Zone Libra between 15 October to 15 November. Right ?
So Rahu zone will be from 15 April to 15 May and Ketu zone from 15 October to 15 November around. This is just example. You have to decide Rahu and Ketu zone in your own chart.
Now remember, if anybody enters in your life whose birthdate is within this Rahu zone period has GOOD connection with your previous births and your life will see positive change or better days after his/her entry in your life. May be your friend, your bf, your gf, your wife, your child or your business partner.
The person may be male or female whose birthdate comes in your Rahu zone has entered your life to love you, to give you, to help you, to prosper you, to take care of you. He or she will be loyal, dedicated to you. Your life will be changed positively. The person has entered in your life to clear off HIS/HER previous birth karma or debt.
The Ketu zone birthdate person if enters in your life, the relations will be terminated, will be spoiled. He or she has entered your life to exploit you, to damage your prestige and finance. Unlike Rahu zone, here YOU have to clear off YOUR previous birth karma or debt.
While selecting the bf, gf or marriage partner this Ketu dates should be avoided. If any child is born within Ketu dates then we should avoid big finance risk in business after such child birth. May be its a warning from destiny.
Let us understand this with some examples.
1. Date 23.08.1987 Time 11.47 Place Baroda. Libra lagna with Ketu 10 degree Virgo. Ketu zone will be 15 September to 15 October in this chart. This is a boy. One girl entered in his life before 7 years when he was 25 years old and little bit wealthy from parents side.
Date of birth of that girl was 4 October 1991. This date comes around 19 degree in Virgo Sign which is Ketu zone in boy's chart. By joining with this girl, Ketu in the 12th was activated in boy chart. The girl was very much fashionable and spendthrift. She looted this boy for 6 years. The boy spent 15 to 20 lakhs after this girl to please her. He was just mad.
Last year the girl married to a rich guy and gone to UK. The boy shocked and gone through depression for 6 months. He had rejected 3 very good marriage proposals in 5 years due to this relationship and now bechalor.
2. Name Rajesh. Capricorn lagna with Ketu 10 degree Libra in 10th. Rajesh was very happy with his good income and all comforts of life. Suddenly someone entered in his life with lucrative business proposal. Rajesh was impressed by this Guy whose birth date was 23 October. ( 23 October means Sun around Libra 7 degrees. By joining with this guy Libra Ketu 7 degree in the 10th was activated in Rajesh chart.)
Rajesh joined him and took 50 lakh loan in his own name. That guy was only working partner. The production totally failed in 3 years and whole responsibility was with Rajesh. He lost his sleep and suffered a lot in last 10 years.
3. Virgo Lagna. Rahu 11 degree Capricorn in 5th house. He was a salesman in a private company with 15000 monthly income till 1999. A baby girl was born on 26 January 2000. The person suddenly got a job in multinational company with 50000 salary. The daughter proved to be lucky for him. On 26 January Sun reaches to 12 degree Capricorn. He has Rahu 11 degree there. The daughter's Sun awakened and activated his natal Rahu and his luck started.
Rahu and Ketu has our past life Karmic connections. If our Rahu or Ketu degrees touches with Sun Moon Lagna or Venus degrees in somebody's chart that means he or she has some past births karmic connections with us.
For example suppose your Rahu is in Aries then you will have special attachment or liking towards Aries Sun Aries Moon Aries Lagna and Aries Venus. If degree is also close then attchment will be higher. If YOU join with him or her or if HE /SHE arrives in your life, relations will be proved very lucky. Reverse is with Ketu.