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Whose will form the government in Madhya Pradesh in 2023?

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Elections are going to be held in Madhya Pradesh by the end of November and the result will be out in December 2023. Looking at the planets of November and December, we will assess the elections who will be in power?
Among the candidates of the Chief Prime Minister, one is BJP's Shivraj Singh Chauhan and the other is Kamalnath of Congress.
Shivraj Singh's horoscope is on seven and half and Saturn is passing through the sun. At the time of election, Rahu will be in Pisces, who will be passing through his Ketu. This situation is not right.
If the BJP government makes Shivraj Singh the face of the chief minister and contest elections, then the chances of winning of Bharatiya Janata Party are very less.
The second candidate is Kamal Nath and the planet that is going on in his horoscope is better than Shivraj Singh, means the hope of Congress to come to power increases if Shivraj Singh contests elections.
If Shivraj Singh does not become the face of CM this time, according to Modiji's horoscope, Bharatiya Janata Party can win in Madhya Pradesh.
It is also heard that Kamal Nath is not going to contest elections this time. If this happens then we can tell the final only by looking at the planet of the candidate who will stand.
Let's see who is declared as CM candidate in the election. Shivraj Singh's chance to become CM this time is very few. If BJP does not make them CM candidate then they will win and if they do then BJP will lose in Madhya Pradesh.