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Past Karma and Your Career

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In this article I am going to discuss the basic and interesting points that shows past birth deeds make a person to suffer or success in life. Saturn Jupiter -Rahu and Ketu; and houses they signify along with stress on 5th& 9th house, and the Mahadasha lord are the criterion. Let us consider the career of a native , born in Varanasi, on 23.09.1992 at 07.30 AM. Male.

Theory in brief: Past life can be seen from Arudha lagna of d60 or Sasthimnsa chart. The Asc. Lord, and the planets connecting to it . If the lord is benefic like Jupiter Venus Moon that man's life is smooth. Malefic like Mars Saturn, then acute sufferings, one will have slow growth. Asc lord in Trikona houses 1 5 9 it means the native should have been a firm believer in God, 2 6 10 you are materliastic, 3 7 11 , leading illusory life expecting much more, 4 8 12 then liberation. 9 house when afflicted speaks troubled life in this birth. So on.

As per this birth particulars the Asc is Virgo. Placed there Sun, Mercury, Jupiter. Venus in Libra, Rahu in Sagittarius, Saturn in Capricorn, Ketu Mars in Gemini and Moon in Cancer.

Arudha lagna of d60 chart: Arudha lagna falls in Taurus sign. The lord Venus is in its own sign Taurus, maintaining mutual aspect with Mercury. The native is a firm believer in God, for his grace his, so his life course is easy sailing.

In success portion we will verify his wealth expectation in the last birth . Wealth is considered from 2 11 houses. In 2 house, Gemini, Mars is seated aspected by Jupiter. Jupiter is in 9 house with Saturn in Aquarius sign. The second house lord Mercury is in 7 house, Scorpio, aspected by Saturn. The 2 house is influenced by Mars Mercury Jupiter and Saturn.

Similarly we will see the 11 house. The house is Pisces , lord Jupiter is with Saturn in 9 th house, Aquarius. Saturn is for hard work , deep knowledge , serving the common people , in Job field an higher post . Jupiter wealth, growth , higher social position etc. So in the last birth he was either justice or a professor in a reputed university. He had good earnings. He died of serious disease in medical , while undergoing treatment having surgery for some duodenal disorders.

Natal chart: Planets that influence 10 house decides the profession. For medical career planets Sun Mars Mercury Jupiter and Ketu having the sign leo virgo Scorpio or pisces as Asc , denoting house 6 8 10 12 generally gives medical line. His Asc is Virgo placed there Sun Mercury and Jupiter. His 10 house is Gemini, placed there Mars Ketu. As per the above principle it covers all. So in this life he will be a professor in medical college, I think.

Now the Dasha is of Venus going up to February 2023. Venus is his 2 and 9 th lord. Venus is in Libra, and in the star of Mars. Mars posits in his 10 house. That position he will acquire in between Feb to April 2023.

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Hi. I am trying to change my job since past 1.5 years but not getting success. In the last stage i am not considered and looks like something went wrong which i am not aware. Plz guide. My details are

Name: Piyush Verma
Dob : 24-Sep-1979
Time of birth: 8:35 AM
Place of birth: Lucknow
Current place: Mumbai


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