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Selling of own house and shifting to other place, and starting a new establishment in new place  

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Date of judgement 25.04.2020, time 15.13 , at Jeypore, South Odisha.

As per this number the Asc comes Cancer sign rising 16 degree 40 minute, judged in my residing place Jeypore on 25.04.20, by taking into account the time provided by the native, because at that time the questions were winked in her mind. The degree indicates she should have noticed the possibility which could bring good in her livings.
Asc is Cancer. Moon is in now Taurus with Venus, aspecting 5 house . Moon is in Sun star. Sun is the lord of 2 house. Sun indicates houses: 2 3 10 12. Here 3 12 coincides her asking 3 is ones attempt, and 12 a new circumstances. 2 is for the source of earning and 10 her livelihood. The question is genuine, she has asked as per her mind set .

Moon is now in earthy sign , Taurus with Venus . Both are very good placed. Moon is in exalted position and Venus in its own sign. Both are benefics. Venus is the natural significator of ones comfort and the monetary aspects , wealth, property etc. Moon is Asc Lord , in 11 house with 4 & 11 Lord Venus. 1 her physical entity, 4 her house , doing a new house which is gainful 11. Since it is earthy sign it will occur late.

Day Lord : Saturn (today Saturday).
Asc : Moon Mer Mer.
Mo.Sig: Venus Sun Ketu.
(sign, star and sub Lord ).

Rahu is in Gemini sign, so it represents Mer. Rahu is to be included. The planets : Sun, Moon, Mer, Ven, Rah, and Ketu. Mercury is appearing twice in the description, so it’s role bears more significance.
Sun is the sub lord of 12 cusp.

Moon: None.
Mercury is the sub lord of 1, 2,5,8. 1 physical existence, 2 finance, new undertakings, 8 paternal property.
Venus: 4 and 10. Property and livelihood.
Rahu: 3 and 9.
Ketu: None.

We may drop moon and Ketu from the list since not operating of any cusp as sub lord.

Movement is to be judged from 3 Cuspal sub lord for short distance movement, since the places :Delhi and a new place in UP , which they will select suitable for their ability and aspiration . The 3 cusp is Rahu.
Rahu is in Rahu star and Rahu is also sub. Rahu appears a strong planet for this position. It indicates 2 3 10 12 . Yes , there is every possibility that she will shift to UP.

For both purpose selling of house and prospects of career in UP 10 sub lord is to be considered . Why 10 th , because for selling of house this is indicative of the purchaser he must be in scene and ie this 10 house ( it is 7 count if you take 4 her own house ). And for our livelihood 10 house is karma the career we have to take.

10 sub lord is Venus appearing in the RP group. Positionally Venus is strong now in the chart. Venus is untented. Venus is in Moon star and Ven sub. Moon is also in RP. Very much auspicious.

Ven: 1 4 11.
Moon : 1 4 11.
Here we have to analyse by taking the 10 bhava ( purchaser, & livelihood ).
1 = from 10 it is 4 count= means her living place. From 1 the native, herself.
4= from 10 it is 7 count= means a purchaser is available now. From 1 it is her immoveable asset , her own house .
11= from 10 it is 2 count= means the sale proceeds in shape of money. From 1 is gain of wealth.

Let us see Venus and Moon as per KP principles they are strong or not. Venus is untented, means Venus doesn’t act in the status of star lord. Moon appears as the star lord of Venus and for no other lords. So what Venus shows Moon will execute.

So it indicates she can sale out her property but shifting to UP is not on anvil. She will have to stay in the present place , after some period she will do shifting.

All these events i.e. within the Horary Dasha and Bhukti will take place according to planetary significance. Now ruling Sun-Ketu: till August '20. Then Sun-Venus: 04.08.21. Venus Bhukti comes after August this year which stretches up to Aug'21. Venus appearing in the RP list. So the period is after August. This is as per my little knowledge in this vast occean of Astrology, and the powerful Lord what has ordained surely that will take place.


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