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Can I get back my loaned amount?  

Gopal Krishna Panigrahi
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Astrology Question : will my friend give me 30,000 Rs back ?

Number I choose : 1

Date and time of asking questions : 29 march ,2020 , 13:27pm

Quarrent : a female from Mumbai

Place of judgement Jeypore Odisha on 29.03.20. Time 02.00PM.

The chart is laid down. As per the horary number 01 first house falls in Aries sign. The degree of the rising sign is 09 degree, so the quarrent has enough information like : the situation of urgency she lended the money, thinking what : expecting that the lender would return it : because her friend was in dire need of money.

Moon is with Venus in Taurus sign aspected by Jupiter. As per cusp sub division the sign accommodates 2-3 house. Mars the lagna lord is in Capricorn , house 11 , with Jupiter and Saturn. Mars is exhalted. As per this configuration Moon indicates : 2 3 5 7.

Lagna: 1 8 10 11 12. Let us arrange in chronological order: 1 2 3 5 7 8 10 11 12. 1 is self and the loanee is 7 house. Positive houses are 1 3 5 11, negative 7 8 12, neutral 2 10. In horary the promise we can see from Asc and Moon. The neutral houses we can either add to positive and negative houses. 1 - 7 (Self and loanee). House 2 is finance and 10 is capability, individuality of the quarrent.

Let us take these houses with positive houses which is now: 1 2 3 5 10 11: self, money,effort to collect from her friend, 5 a doubtful debt, her present position and success.

With opposite party: negative houses:

7 8 12: 2 7 8 10 12. 2 house is 8 from 7 , difficult on her part, 8 house is 2 from 7 : money, 10 is 4 from 7 : her mentality , 12 is 6 from 7 in ability.

So we may say she is prepared to pay but in this circumstance ,unable. Then the next question comes when she will pay ? The detail analysis for such assessment out lined below.

Now today all planets are direct, no combust nor Retrograde.

Ruling planets:
Day lord : Sun.
Asc. Mars Ketu, repeated thrice.
Moon: Venus Sun Venus Jupiter.
(Sign, Star, Sub and sub-sub ).

One may notice Ketu is coming thrice, Sun and Venus twice, Mars and jupiter once in the combined group .

The Ruling planets: sun mars jupiter, venus and ketu.

We will check this position of planet from d9 position which is strong , and weak. Sun is in Aries aspected by Saturn , of average strength. Mars is with Saturn in Aquarius weak. Jupiter is weak for debilitated. Venus is in Capricorn with debilitsted Jupiter weak. Ketu in Gemini weak. So all the ruling planets are weak. This is second negativity. Here it doesn't end. Let us lead to analysis. We may resort to KP or Sub sub lord system. I take the later system.

As we know money ( ready cash flow ) is second house. Here our discussion is blocked money . This can be known from 8 house , because 8 is 7 from 2 hkuse recoverable from a party. That is the sub sub lord of 8 cusp we will have to take. In the horary cusp the 8ssb is Jupiter. Jupiter is coming under ruling planets. We may rely it upon as the significator. Jupiter stellar division: Jupiter-Sun-Rahu-Saturn. Sun is coming in the RP. Reliable. But Rahu and Saturn not coming, the significance will be weak. Jupiter is the sub sub of 5 8 cusp. Sun of no cusp, Rahu is of 4 and 10, and Saturn is of none.

The houses they denote:

Jupiter: 1 2 3 5 8 9 10 11 12. In Sub sub system the sign shows the event i e of 8 house with only two negstive houses (8 12) indicative of not blocked, but there is possiblity, but after much struggling and strife.

Sun: 6.. in star level what the sign as event making planet denotes , the star speaks in support of it or negating it. 6 house is 11 from 8 house , so it supports it.

Rahu: 4 6 12. In sub evel what sign and star speak , it in one way or other confirms of its probability. Yes it speaks its affirmation ( 4 is from 8 house= 9, 6 is =11, 12 is = 5 from 8 house ). So for loan recovery it is supported with 5 9 11 the positive houses.

(In sub sub system positive 1 3 5 9 11, neutral 2 6 10, and negative 4 7 8 12).

Saturn : 1 5 7 8 9 10 11 12. Here let us see: positive 1 5 9 11, negative 7 8 12 and neutral 10. Generally neutral is added to that group which has majority of houses. The numbers increased in positive group after adding 10, it comes to 5 , in negative side 3 : the ratio is 5:3. Positive side is more , so we will say she will get back her loaned amount under much reluctance and fights. In this sub sub level it confirms yes or no, and cleared she will get back.

Now we will discuss when ?

The Dasha Bhukti Antara of this Horary is to be seen. First we will take Dasha and then Bhukti lord. The Dasha lord is Sun and Bhukti Venus. The period rule over up to 17.08.20.

We will start from Jupiter because we found she will get back her loan. Jupiter is also found place in RP. Jupiter now transits to Sun star. Sun is the star lord of 2 cusp, but acts as star lord of Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn. Sun has no positional status very very weak to fructify the event.

Let me clear with one example. Let us take a member from our family. Say elder brother. Father was expired . Brother takes every responsibilities of the family. Can he be able to satisfy all members with multi works , discontentment will brew, may lead to disintegration. The same judgement we can adopt here for Sun. Jupiter is not agreeing with the native for getting back her money. Then we will check the dasha lord. The dasha lord is Sun. On Sun stated already. The Dasha lord shows the event, and the event is found. The Bhukti lord shows our arrangements and action.

The Bhukti lord is Venus. Which is the star lord of Venus, that we will see first. Because the star lord is stronger than the sign. Venus posits in sun star. Already narrated Suns status. Weak. Since Sun a weak significstor , let us take Venus , what it speaks.

Venus doesn't posit as star lord for any planet so , we consider him strong. Venus position is now of average strength, as stated in the beginning. It is also coming in RP. Venus appears as the sub sub of 6 , 11 and 12 cusp. If we see from 8 house Venus could bring about the loaned amount back.

Here we will say when Venus comes as Antara in that period it is possible. As found Venus Antara is finished in Oct, 2019. It is not coming. Venus is appearing as Sukhsma for 4 days from from 28.07.20 to 01.08.20. it is to be supported by Sun and Moon. They have to transit to the star of 11 cusp. The 11 cusp star lord is Moon.

When Sun will transit to Taurus sign , Rohini nakhastra on 25 th May some hope is there. Moon is to be in its own star (Rohini, Hosta, and Sravana) simustaneosly. There is benefit of doubt for getting back the stayed for weak significance. We may conclude by applying the intuitive judgement that is the present situation prevailing. The present situstion is not viable. We don't see the corona scarry will disappear within May , so we may conclude "you can not get back till August 2020.


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