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Importance of Shraddha Paksha

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1974 was the year. Then my work land was Dwarka. Dwarka is one of the 4 holy pilgrimage places, so big saints and sadhus keep coming there. Sometimes some Yogi men also come there. On the arrival of a Yogi Mahatma, one of my old friend Pushkar Bhai Gokani told me that a Yogi man has come here in Betdwarika and if you get time, please visit him.

So me and my friend Mahesh Joshi reached Betdwarka one day and went to Yogi Mahatma living there in a deserted place. It was about 12:00 pm. Mahatma ji opened his eyes with his meditation and welcomed us.

A little satsang happened and in a short time, he put two plates in front of us which were covered with cloth. Yogi ji requested us to take food prasad. When the cloth was removed, it had milkpak, whole vegetable, pakodas, curry and rice. The thing Yogi ji said to us after eating was surprising.

See, today is the Shradh of Panchami and you both have satisfied two divine souls by taking food. These two souls were relatives of my former worldly life and both were satsangi. The death anniversary of both was Panchami. On the day of their Shraddha, the arrangement of Brahma Bhojan was such a wish that both of them had revealed to me in meditation. So I had invited two Brahmins by pledging and see you came today. Food is arranged by one of my devotees. And the Shraddha that your relatives of previous birth did today is getting you as food today.

Yogi ji after that discussed very mysterious discussion of Agamnigam with us and also told something about the life after death.

The whole universe is divided into 12 zodiac signs. Aries is the entrance of the whole world while Pisces is the door of salvation. Pisces is linked with Brahmalok or Devlok, when Virgo is connected with ancestors or Chandralok.

After July 15, the sun's south journey begins which we call Dakshinayan. In Dakshinayan, the sun slowly goes into Virgo and Libra and awakens the ancestors there. In Dakshinayan, the energy of the sun or the life element becomes weak and that is why for our protection, in this Chaturmas, festivals like Paryushan, Ganesh Parva and Navratri festival are celebrated so that our energy and life elements will increase by doing sadhana.

On the festival of Deepawali, the sun is in a low state in Libra and at that time, the sun's energy is very low, the ghosts are completely awakened and come to the earth. That is why Kali Chaturdashi has the importance of Phantom Sadhana and Kali Puja.

In Dakshinayan, the sun travels to Atal Vital Sutal Abyss Talatal Mahatal and Patal Lok. These 7 people are called as adho lok.

From September 15, when the sun comes in Virgo, it travels in Sutal and in Libra in Abyss. The ghost that awakens people.

There are two moves of the creature after death. Those who are holy and saint spirits move very high towards Devayan and those who are lustful spirits move towards Pitra Yan near the earth. Devayan is related to the sun and Pitri Yan is related to the moon. The moon handles the subtle world. Chandralok is also known as Pitra Lok.

16 art of the moon has been described in the scriptures. This sixteen art is linked to our 16th date. After death the soul resides in one of these 16 dates according to its death date. Like the first date dies, then in the first art, death on the fifth date then in the 5th art, full moon If one is born in 15th art and new moon is born then 16th art has the speed of soul. The same art has many classes from bottom to top. The one who is an evil soul resides in a very lower class or lower level while the soul of spiritual progress resides in the same art in the very upper class or higher level.

When the sun comes in Virgo and when the full moon of Bhadrapada month comes, the ghost is awakened and the door of the 15th art of the moon opens and with the special rays of the moon's shraddha, whatever ghost resides there. Are they come on earth. In the same way, the door of first art opens and the residents come to visit their families. 16 arts awaken in 16 days of Shraddha. Everyday a date is awakened. Shraddha Paksha was named after the rays of Shraddha. Milk, pak or kheer has been considered more important in Shraddha than the moon's dominance over milk and rice.

One other thing. Rahu handles the time from sunrise to noon, while Ketu handles the time from noon to sunset. Rahu Ketu's ghost has complete control over the world, that is why around 12 pm in the afternoon, i.e. when Rahu Ketu's time changes, then the soul comes to our home to fulfill its lust.

On the day of Shraddha, every dead soul comes to the house of his nearest relatives, son or grandson and gives blessings as well. If Shradh is not performed for the dead soul, then the dead soul gets disappointed and goes back after cursing and the family has to suffer its fruit. The dead soul who has gone back comes to his home for Shraddha once again on Amavasya.

That is why even if someone does not remember the date of his own, then also for all the ancestors, the Shradh should be performed on the new moon day. We should perform Shradh of our relatives for maximum 3 generations and at least 2 generations.

On the day of Shraddha, giving food to a Brahmin or feeding a cow is also an important thing, but no one does all this nowadays due to time. There is also an importance to offer water in the days of Shraddha.

It is also mentioned in Ramcharitmanas that Lord Ram also performed the Shraddha of Dashrath ji and then Sita ji had darshan of all his ancestors. Shraddha is not just a subject of devotion but a reality.


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