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Divorce - BirthChart Analysis

Gopal Krishna Panigrahi
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Birth details: 26/08/1983 time 12:10pm 26N13 & 78 E10.

This is the query from a deserted wife by her husband.


Astrologically 7 th house represents marriage. A strong well placed Jupiter in cadent, and (1 4 7 10) sharing energy with un afflicted Venus endows a good harmonious married life. The 7 Lord at the same time should stand with in duly supporting the married life.

In the discussed chart, Asc is in Scorpio sign. Placed Jupiter therein with Ketu. The dispositor Lord Mars is debilitated in Cancer. The Lagna is weak. The 7 house falls in Taurus sign. The Lord Venus is retrograde and combust. Placed there Rahu, aspected by Jupiter. Rahu in 7 house gives unusual things in life , in relation matter. The marriage seems a love intercast marriage. Since it is of Venus sign, the physical attraction played a major role in bringing each other together. The 7 Lord is Venus in 10 house with Sun in Leo. The spouse must have been in Boss position , came in contact in career field. He is also a handsome looking guy. Rahu is the energy of attraction. Rahu in Taurus sign is believed to be well placed for attracting each other. Jupiter the 5 Lord aspects Rahu. This becomes a strong connectivity between 5 Lord and Rahu : Love ,romance dating, pleasure making etc. Jupiter again aspects Moon , placed in 5 house her mind, Mars, through 9 aspect, the lagna Lord, and it is in 9 house in cancer sign. For placement of Rahu in Taurus , it connects with Venus. Venus is the Lord of 12 house. Mercury (friends giving planet) is placed in Virgo, in its sign. She might have married in the month of April 2016.

Does she possess an attractive feminine grace ?

Yes. That we can judge from 1, 3 ,4(chest) , 5 6 (waist), and 7 house (hips) and Venus position. Jupiter , a benefic in friendly sign like Scorpio, 1 house surely to have given a good healthy physique. Her 3&4 Lord Saturn , since in Libra to have given beautiful look of chest portion, 5 6 connection with Jupiter to have given beautiful waist portion and 7 house her lower back with Rahu and Venus connection , to have given a very much attractive good look.

Is her husband a licentious person ?

Yes. This we can judge from 7 house. There are two factors working here. 7 house affliction and connection with 4 house. As I said her 4 Lord is Saturn and 7 Lord is Venus. First Rahu in 7 house afflicts it. Secondly Venus in Leo with Sun aspected by Saturn doubly afflicts it. A debilitated Mars (husband for a female) , a dominant, authoritative person , aggressive, licentious , is not satisfied with one woman counter part.

Is there any separation/ divorce (promise) found in her chart ?

We will see it from 6 house( 6 is 12 from 7 house, spouse) . Here two elements: afflicted 7 house, weak 6 house influenced by minimum two malefics. In the preceding lines I have stated her 7 house affliction. The 6 house falls in Aries. It’s Lord Mars debilitated. Saturn aspects 6 house, and the 6 Lord Mars. All you know Mars and Saturn are the Malefics. The 7 Lord Venus (Venus: 7 and 12 Lord ) is in 10 house (12 of 11 house, the house of conjugal friendship, and bliss), Venus affliction all that clearly speak she will have separation/ divorce.


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