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Marriage Or No Marriage

Gopal Krishna Panigrahi
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Why is there a delay in my daughter’s marriage? She is born on 29 th Dec. 1988 at 01:00 AM in Lucknow. This was the enquiry put forth by an anxious mother in social media, Quora.

We, after attaining parenthood, initially were keen how our kid would do well in academy, then our attention shifts for career, then for marriage. In case of girl child our first contemplation would be how she will get married after her formal education. There is one saying colloquially ... jhia ghia....Meaning a girl, a daughter is as like ghee, will mould and burnt down or perish away. So for a parent we feel it as main concern, we accept it a karmic liability to be liquidated the sooner the possible. The daughter would be disposed at any cost. On the day of ... Betti vidaee ....Father feels emotionally elated and delighted, that however, he was able to pay off a big karmic debt. This is our tradition, we can not go against it? Here, it concentrates, the discussion what are the astrological causes factors for marriage or no marriage ?
Out of my little awareness what I learn from experienced people, I would like to state here in below:

1.Venus is the natural signifactor of marriage be it girl or boy. For girl we add Jupiter too. The Venus should be positive.

2. So also the 7 th lord , in both the chart d1 and d9 capable enough in respect of placement to indicate marriage.

3. The connected planets should not be in retrogration or in combustion.

4. The 7 house should not be afflicted with through placement of malefic like Mars, Saturn Rahu and Ketu. I don’t consider Sun as malefic, because , it makes the girl of egoistic and authoratative temperament to rule the husband, I feel needed, to run the house hold and to keep the husband away from Rahu objectives like easy going, enjoying life in pub and brothel and so on.
5. The most and foremost is from upapada lagna the 7 house is afflicted.
These are some factors and causes, there are more , and some prodigious may quote more, if offered in comment box it is a welcome signal for all.

She has Mars in the 7th house in lagna chart and the Navamsa chart….Mars is with Rahu, have aspect from Sun. Malefic planet in the d9, chart….Mars and Rahu in my consideration is the first and fore most factor for this ascendant. And mars is in the nakshatra of the mercury which is the Ascendant lord and holds enemity with mars…Marriage is problematic as jupiter also has gone retrograde in the house owned by the karaka of marriage…. Since the Moon is with Ketu , as a negative lord for the purpose of marriage , her mind is not inclined . She wishes an authoritative position backed with sound artistic knowledge, wish to earn name and fame in society. she would have got married during that period…Moon in the nakshatra of venus and venus in the nakshatra of ascendant lord should have made a situation for her marriage. But ketu speaks some thing else . And also problem lies with her Jupiter, retro, in d9 gone debilitated and, in the 6th house....Along with that the 4th house has relation with 4 planets: Jupiter, Saturn,Sun and Mercury. Saturn is combust , totally negative for 4 5 6 10 and the lagna. And this is the sign of sagittarius ruled by jupiter….And jupiter is not benefic for the purpose, on the other hand provides ample opportunities to rise in life….Mars dasha has also started. This will stay up to 26.03.25. Mars is the detractor of this native, negating marriage.

Her upapada lagna falls in Taurus sign, 9 th house in the lagna chart . The seventh from upl is Scorpio the sign of mystery, and Venus sitting there, a leader in social work. All her happiness and wealth she will utilise for the cause of destitute and orphans, sufferers in society. She is not interested to accept the bond of marriage and accept the 100 % subordination as a wife. She is a care free and freedom loving lady.

I fore see she will be a leading woman like Mother Tersa a benefactor of society. It depends upon that Supreme dispositor who modulate us.

But the mind of the parents is some thing .....As this curious mother. Because ....Maa ma hi hoti he.....


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