Saturn Transit to Sagittarius & 2017 To 2020 Prediction

Saturn Transit 2017 and 2020 Effects (Sani Gochar 2017 and 2020)

On 26th January 2017, planet Saturn transit from moon sign Scorpio (Vrischika) to Sagittarius (Dhanu). But the date of transition differs drastically between the traditionally considered Vakya Panchanga and the Thirukanitha Panchanga.

Topics cover in this article:

  • Saturn Transit – Vakya vs Thirukanitha Panchangam
  • Remedies for Planet Saturn malefic effect
  • Saturn Transit 2017 and 2020 Effects
    •  Aries (Mesh Rashi)
    • Taurus (Vrishabh Rashi)
    • Gemini (Mithun Rashi)
    • Cancer (Karka Rashi)
    • Leo (Simha Rashi)
    • Virgo (Kanya Rashi)
    • Libra (Tula Rashi)
    • Scorpio (Vrishchik Rashi )
    • Sagittarius (Dhanu Rashi)
    • Capricorn (Makar Rashi)
    • Aquarius (Kumbh Rashi)
    • Pisces (Meen Rashi)

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Vakya Panchanga Vs Thirukanitha Panchanga

The Panchangam is the traditional calendar followed by Indians. The Vakya Panchanga is based on simple mathematical verses written in a great astrological book called Surya Siddantha. According to the authors of the book, the verses or Vakyas require constant updating to be accurate. But as the Vakyas were last updated 1000 years back, the direct position calculation method or the Thirukanitha Panchanga has gained more favor with the astrologers. But the temples follow the Vakya Panchangam.

Saturn (Sani) Transit 2017 by Vakya Panchangam

According to the Vakya Panchanga, the transition occurs in the latter half of December of this year, 2017. While the Thirukanitha Panchangam states that the transition starts happening on January 27 of this year, 2017. The dramatic difference of dates has occurred due to the dissimilar ways the Panchangams view the transition of the planets.

Saturn (Sani) Transit 2017 and 2020 by Thirukanitha Panchang

But keep in mind the complete Saturn transition occurs only on October 25, 2017, according to the Thirukanitha Panchangam. The transition that is happening now is like a shadow change, as Saturn slows down and changes its direction. During this period, the planet Saturn will be half in Libra and half in Scorpio.

The temples dedicated to the great Shani Bhagavan or Lord Saturn like Thirukollikadu, Thirunallaru, and Kuchanur will celebrate the transition of Saturn to Sagittarius sign only on 19.12.2017, according to the Vakya Panchangam. Rahu Ketu Transit 2017 Predictions

I have calculated the predictions for the Transition of Saturn early as the transition has started taking place from January 27, 2017. Whether the complete transition is on 19.12.2017 as per the Vakya Panchanga, or on 25.10.2017, according to the Thirukanitha Panchanga, these predictions will be accurate, as they are based on the mathematical calculations of the positions of the planets. Forewarned is forearmed. Hence I have published the predictions for the transition for the benefit of everyone.

Remedies to Reduce malefic effect of Planet Saturn

To reduce the maleficent impact of Lord Saturn, one can follow the following simple remedies. One can offer some rice for crows, follow fasting on Saturdays and donate new clothes, gold to the needy, pilgrimages to Thirukollikadu and Kuchanur.

Let us have a short but complete look at the effect of this transition on all the 12 moon signs.

Saturn Transit 2017 and 2020 Effects in All 12 Zodiac Signs (Rashis)

Now let us see detailed predictions of Saturn transit effects for your moon sign.

Saturn (Sani) Transit Effect on Aries (Mesh Rashi)

Saturn moves through the ninth house is measured most beneficial for you. The ill-effects of Ashtama Sani (Saturn in 8th house) for Aries Sign are coming to a close and Beneficial Sani (Sani in Bhagya sthanam) is about to occur. Lord Saturn who had been open-handed with various misfortunes will change his tracks and confer good luck and fortune.

During the Ashtama Sani, you might have suffered from business losses, obstacles, and financial difficulties. All these problems will vanish gradually. Now, Saturn traverses through 9th house that will bring growth in your businesses, your debts becoming lesser, and your health will improve. If the other planetary positions are favorable, new investments can be made from now on. Your family life will be happy and buy new things. Due to presence of Saturn in ninth house, you could expect high income. You will benefit from women.

Saturn (Sani) Transit Effect on Taurus (Vrishabh Rashi)

For Taurus sign, it is the beginning of Ashtama Sani (Saturn in the 8th House).  The presence of Saturn in the 8th House will bring loss of money, debt, ill expenditure.

As planet Saturn is a beneficial planet for Taurus sign, the Rishaba Rasi will not be much affected by this transition. But, their close ones will suffer and this will bring them grief. The parents of Taureans will develop health complications and medical expenses will occur. The Taurus sign might suffer from the loss of loved ones, operations for close relatives. The disappearance of things, slow business or loss of business will be seen. You will get income one way or other. But investments made during this period will see slow or no return. Hence you should be careful with investments.

Won’t Saturn ever do any good from the 8th House? No, He won’t. Saturn is a dark planet, unlike Jupiter which is a bright planet. Hence Saturn will cause poverty, confusion of the mind, indecisiveness, recklessness, emotional behavior.

Saturn is the planet ruling the Career aspect of the birth chart. When Saturn is in retrograde in the 8th House, our career falters. Health is affected; both our physical strength and mental strength declines. As the 12th House indicates the father, the retrograde presence of Saturn here indicates health problems for the father.

Remedies for Taurus Sign

Pray to Lord Hanuman, the Navagrahas on Saturdays. Offer rice for crows.  Be on the alert always. The favorable aspect of Jupiter will offset some of the ill-effects of this transition. However, during August 2017, even this Jupiter will transit, bringing loss of money and health. So your troubles will intensify during this period.

Saturn (Sani) Transit Effect on Gemini (Mithun Rashi)

For the Gemini Sign, the planet Saturn is in the 7th House. This will bring good fortune through friends, business partners, and relatives. Your businesses will see good profits. Those in social service will receive good positions. Your status will rise in the society. You will gain double profits using new techniques in your trade. You will receive the promotion.

The presence of Saturn in the 7TH House (the house of relationships) will see differences of opinion between husband and wife. Following give and take policy will do you good. The retrograde position of Saturn in the 12th House from the 8th House indicates problems with kidneys like kidney stones, urinary infections, and uterine problems. Some may travel abroad.

Saturn (Sani) Transit Effect on Cancer (Karka Rashi)

This is a wonderful time for the Cancer Sign as Saturn is transiting to the 6th House. Your enemies will vanish and your debts will go away. Growth in the Business are expected. Everyone will talk about your luck. You will benefit from women. Money flow will be very good and most of it will be spent on the poor and needy. Remember to save some. You can invest your money, which will be very profitable. You will arise as a victor in everything. If the planetary aspects are good, then this will happen as is.

Saturn (Sani) Transit Effect on Leo (Simha Rashi)

For the Leo Sign, this is the time of Punniya Sani (Saturn in the 5th House). Your period of troubles with the Kantaka Sani (Saturn in the 4th House) is over. The endless traveling and roaming to and fro will disappear for good. Loss of money will end and your savings will rise up significantly.

The presence of Saturn in 5th House will see enmity arising between you and your uncles, aunts. Your children will be a cause for concern. You might incur some expenditure due to them. Separation from your family might happen due to work reasons. You might travel abroad for work and go for pilgrimages too. Enemies arise from your grandfather family, partners from your family deity temple. You might face obstacles and fights in acquiring your ancestral properties.

Saturn (Sani) Transit Effect on Virgo (Kanya Rashi)

For Virgo Sign, the Saturn transits to the 4th House (Kantaka Sani). Saturn in four brings dog’s hour is the old Tamil saying. This actually implies the tiring travel to and fro experienced when Saturn is in the 4th House. Be cautious when handling animals. Be alert when driving. You might incur expenses due to your vehicle. Your mother might be affected.

Problems in acquiring ancestral properties, loans will be seen. Take care of your health, as a big medical expense is on the cards. Change of location; whether to a new place, new job, and new house, a new company can be expected. Some might change their residence to new city or state or even to a new country.

Gift the differently-abled with new clothes, food, walking sticks, and wheelchairs on your birthday.

Saturn (Sani) Transit Effect on Libra (Tula Rashi)

The Sade Sati (Elarai Sani) period is almost over for the Libra sign. All the troubles and hardships you had faces will come to an end. Will Saturn answer for all the mischief he has caused? No, He won’t. Causing troubles is His duty and He does this without reason or cause and leaves once His work is done. The lessons learned during this hard, hard time will serve you all your life. So everything turns out good in the end.

You always approach anything with positivity. Your joy will know no bounds as good news keeps coming in. Your new efforts will be lauded. Financial gains can be seen. You will never put your feet up and leave it to God. Your hard work will pay off well. Even your slightest efforts will be rewarded richly. Your trade will show good improvement. You can start on new investments. According to planetary positions in your birth chart, the good effects will vary. But this is the time for growth. You will buy new properties, new vehicles. You might renovate your house.

Saturn (Sani) Transit Effect on Scorpio (Vrishchik Rashi)

The Jenma Sani is coming to an end and Pada Sani is starting now for Scorpio sign. The Pada Sani is the last phase of Sade Sati.

Pada Sani has brought problems in the feet for numerous people. Hence Scorpios should be careful while walking, running and driving. Feet problems, accidents to the feet are indicated.

Your tongue is your main enemy. Words spoken long back will be brought up anew. As Saturn is in your 2nd House, your pockets will be empty; though you might say that this is the case for the past four years. Saturn in your 2nd House sees family tensions escalating. Avoid arguments and keep the peace. Do not speak harshly. Respect everyone and do not indulge in gossip, boasting, whining about your problems. Try to overcome your fears. You know you want the best for everyone. This is the time to know the good regard you have for others. So be kind in your words and deeds.

You know that the face is the mirror of the mind. So stop frowning and start smiling. Being positive attracts positive energy and your negative attitude makes your face look tensed and pouting. Keep praying. Instead of going away for pilgrimages at long distances, where many have broken their feet, you can worship God from your place. Also worship your fellow humans, as the Lord comes in many forms.

Saturn (Sani) Transit Effect on Sagittarius (Dhanu Rashi)

This is the start of Janma Sani for Sagittarius Sign. Janma Sani is the presence of Saturn in your birth sign. The conjunction of the Moon and Saturn brings darkness to the mind. The reason is lost and emotional decisions take place. Confusions will increase. Any work taken up by you will be lost in confusion and anxiety. Hence you will incur losses in business and workplace.

As the Moon rules over the Health aspect, your health will take a turn for the worse. You might become lazy. Hence it is prudent to be watchful of your health.  But not to worry, as individual benefits will differ due to the birth chart variances. Hence the adversary effects might not be the same for everyone.

Give importance to your family, friends, and health. Even though your financial position is tough, you can overcome this easily.

You might face trouble with fire and  affected by the malicious gossip doing the rounds about you. You must be careful when dealing with new friends and some old ones too. Do not argue with your family members. Think twice before taking any decision.

Saturn (Sani) Transit Effect on Capricorn (Makar Rashi)

This is the start of Sade Sati for the Capricorn sign. The presence of Saturn in the 12th House brings loss of businesses, loss of money, name, and fame. Problems in lending and borrowing money will arise. Any investments made during this time will be difficult to recover. So think twice before investing in anything. Do not take any risks. Do not use your influence in recommending anyone. Your friends and family might turn against you.

This period shows loss of your status in your family and work. You will make many mistakes. Medical expenses might be incurred. You might have to travel a lot for work. As your parents might face health issues, take good care of your parents.

Saturn (Sani) Transit Effect on Aquarius (Kumbh Rashi)

The lucky period is beginning for the Aquarius sign. The presence of Saturn in your will bring good luck, profits, and upturn of businesses. Your friends and relatives will prove lucky for you. Your long-standing desires will be fulfilled. You will receive promotions; invest in new properties and savings. Women will prove beneficial for you. Celebrations will take place in the family. Your elder brother and grandmother will be affected in some way.

Saturn (Sani) Transit Effect on Pisces (Meena Rashi)

This is the start of Karma Sani for Pisces sign. The presence of Saturn in the 10th House indicates problems at work. You might have to help out your relatives. Loss of family members from the spouse side can be expected. You will get promotions, a rise in profits from your business. Though you might have to work hard in your job, you will receive good pay for your work. You will learn new things. You should be careful of your father’s health. Heart problems are indicated for you. So take good care of your health. Your name and status in society will rise. You might have to work hard.

Saturn Transit 2017 for Nakshatras

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